Management and Organisation

The Management and Organisation division of the School of Business has a global reputation for interdisciplinary, critical research on the processes of managing and organising

Combining theories and concepts from sociology, cultural studies, psychology, geography, history, anthropology, philosophy, gender studies, and other fields, our research examines how people coordinate their activities at difference scales.

Meso and macro level studies look at organisations, institutions, local communities, urban spaces, and larger regional entities up to global economic and cultural systems. Micro level studies mostly focus on the bodily or embodied consequences of societal and organisational politics.

Our work also has a strong historical emphasis, in particular with regard to issues of heritage as well as institutional and economic development. The theoretical basis is varied but often drawing on critical theorising, for example post-colonial theory, gender studies or post-structuralism, and issues of alternative organising. The tenor of the various strands of research is critical-reflective rather than consultative-interventionist.

Division Head

Dr Christopher Land

Division Members

Professor Jo Brewis Dr Richard Godfrey Dr Warren Smith Dr Elke Weik
Gareth Brown Dr Chris Grocott Dr Charlotte Smith
Professor Gibson Burrell Dr George Kokkinidis Professor Mark Stein


Dr Richard Courtney Professor Martin Parker Dr Olga Suhomlinova
Dr Valerie Fournier Dr Martin Quinn Dr Eda Ulus
Dr Fabian Frenzel Professor Carl Rhodes Dr Sigmund Wagner-Tsukamoto

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