Innovation, Technology and Operations

Innovation, Technology and Operations (INTO) studies the intersection of social, scientific, economic and political practices with technology (broadly understood to include both techniques and technical processes).

It is concerned with the production of scientific and technological knowledge as it is embedded in multiple, overlapping organisational and professional contexts. These include both micro-level specific sites (e.g. laboratories, factories, financial services) and macro-level networks (e.g. policy, ‘markets’, naturecultures, technoscience).

In disciplinary terms, the group locates itself within the interdisciplinary confluence between management/organisation studies and science and technology studies, and orients toward cognate developments in the fields of design, human factors, information science, social psychology, sociology, cultural studies and philosophy of science.


This division studies the social shaping of technology and techniques in contemporary organisational settings. Whilst the division is principally concerned with the interface between science and technology studies and organisational theory, there is a wide range of interdisciplinary interests represented in the division. There are also collaborations with other departments at Leicester, including Genetics, Psychology, History, Economics, Media and Communication and Archaeology.

Some of the major themes that define the division include - the scientific and activist construction of permaculture; social studies of finance; actor-network theory approaches to organisation; digital cultures and digital identities; knowledge management; constructing genetic ancestry; material culture and social remembering; and developing mobile research technologies. As with the other divisions, it runs regular meetings including staff and postgraduate students, along with its own seminar series and reading groups.

Division Head

Division Members

Dr Matthew Allen

Dr Marta Gasparin

Dr Keir Milburn

Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett

Dr Simon Bennett

Dr William Green

Professor Rolland Munro

Professor Steven Brown

Dr David Harvie

Dr Dimitris Papadopoulos

Dr Angus Cameron

Professor Hugo Letiche

Dr Maria Puig de la Bellacasa

Dr Steve Conway

Professor Simon Lilley


Professor Zoe Radnor

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