Leicester Experimental Economic Laboratory (LEXECON)

“Without laboratories scientists are soldiers without arms.” - Louis Pascal

Student participating in experimental lab

LEXECON is dedicated to the application of experiments for Economics and Business research. Embedded in the School of Business, it provides a useful research tool for academic staff and a venue for enhancing university experience for students.

The state-of-the-art LEXECON laboratory is located in the Astley Clarke building, lower ground, room 5 (AC LG 05). This 20-seat laboratory allows a wide range of experiments to be conducted. The laboratory provides further support through a dedicated laboratory manager, who deals with all aspects related to the management of the laboratory, software development and conducting sessions.

The School of Business is actively recruiting participants for experiments. Laboratory participants will be rewarded in cash for their time and effort.

For any queries please contact: lexeconexplab@le.ac.uk.

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