Leicester Experimental Economic Laboratory (LExEcon)

The LExEcon Laboratory emerges from an interest in experimental economics by the Economics Division as a means for researching and teaching of economic behaviour and institutions in controlled environments.

Student participating in experimental lab

In words of Vernon Smith, one of the founders of experimental economics and holder of the Nobel Memorial Prize in economics in 2002:

Doing experimental economics has changed the way I think about economics. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most prominent is that designing and conducting experiments forces you to think through the process rules and procedures of an institution. Few, like Einstein, can perform detailed and imaginative mental experiments. Most of us need the challenge of real experiments to discipline our thinking.


A growing number of department researchers, including Dr. Jesse MathesonDr. David Rojo Arjona and Professor Eyal Winter (Director), are associated with the LExEcon laboratory. Their interests span a range of topics such as: individual decision making; game theory; markets; networks; peer/social effects; consumer theory; and the role of emotions in decision making.

Our fully dedicated state-of-the-art LExEcon laboratory is located in the Astley Clarke building, lower ground, room 5 (AC LG 05). This 20-seat laboratory allows a wide range of experiments to be conducted. The laboratory provides further support through a dedicated laboratory manager, who deals with all aspects related to the management of the laboratory, software development and conducting sessions.

The Department of Economics is actively recruiting subject for experiments. Laboratory subjects will be rewarded in cash for their time and effort.

For any queries please contact: lexeconexplab@le.ac.uk.

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