ESRC/DFID Growth Research Programme project titled "Politics, Finance and Growth"

Brief description

Although the recent financial crisis led to suggestions that there can be too much finance, many low income countries (LIC) remain financially under-developed. In Sub-Saharan Africa, banks continue to lend little domestically. Even where financial development has taken place, its effects on the poor are generally unknown. By analysing the linkages between politics, finance and growth in Sub-Saharan Africa, the project aims to explain how finance can help promote pro-poor economic growth in LIC, using a range of different approaches and data.

Research Team

Dr Svetlana Andrianova (University of Leicester) - Principal Investigator

Professor Badi Baltagi (University of Leicester and Syracuse University)

Professor Stephen Hall (University of Leicester)

Dr Martin Foureax Koppensteiner (University of Leicester)

Professor Peter Rousseau (Vanderbilt University and National Bureau of Economic Research)

Professor Thorsten Beck (Cass Business School, City University)

Professor Steven Koch (University of Pretoria)

Professor Robert Lensink (University of Groningen)

Professor David Fielding (University of Otago)

Project Output


Discussion Papers


Data Sets

For the detailed information on the aims, activities and research output of the project, please visit the project website here

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