Economics at Leicester has a long history with the first BSc Economics graduate being awarded their degree in 1932.

Division Head

Professor Stephen Hall

Division Members

Dr Svetlana Andrianova

Dr R. Emre Aytimur

Professor Badi Baltagi

Dr Subir Bose

Dr Aristotelis Boukouras

Dr Cheng Chou

Professor Sergio Currarini

Dr Giuseppe De Feo

Professor Panicos Demetriades

Dr Piotr Denderski

Professor Sanjit Dhami

Dr Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner

Professor Clive Fraser

Dr Deborah Gefang

Dr Martin Hoskins

Dr Sara Lemos

Dr Francisco Martinez Mora

Dr Emi Mise

Professor Suresh Mutuswami

Dr Asako Ohinata

Dr Tania Oliveira

Dr Barbara Roberts

Dr James Rockey

Dr Jacob Seifert

Dr Richard Suen

Dr Arkadiusz Szydlowski

Dr Dimitris Varvarigos

Dr Piercarlo Zanchettin


Members of the division conduct a broad range of research, both basic and applied, and across microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. This research has attracted external funding from the ESRC, Wellcome Trust, MRC, British Academy, amongst others and members of the division are important in the following ways advise governments, central banks, and other organisations world wide, including recent work with the United Nations and Leicestershire Police.

Applied Microeconomics

Research in Applied Micro spans and combines theoretical and empirical work. Areas of particular strength include:


Members of the Econometrics group study both macroecometrics (Gefang, Hall, Mise) and microeconometrics (Chou, Syzdlowski).


Macroeconomics research spans a broad range of areas including:

This work is impactful, with Hall an advisor to the UN Project-Link, The Bank of Greece, and the ECB, and Demetridades former Governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus and Board Member of the ECB).


Microeconomics has a strong tradition at Leicester and members of this group have published in leading journals such as Econometrica, and Dhami has recently published his book 'Foundations of Behavioural Economic Analysis' with Oxford University Press. Work includes Network Theory (Currarini), and Behavioural Decision Theory (Bose, Dhami), and Contract-Theory (Boukouras).


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