Accounting and Finance

The School of Business' Accounting and Finance divisions are strongly committed to high-quality research and teaching.

The divisions are composed of a diverse group of scholars with international reputations in important areas of accounting and finance such as corporate finance, financial markets, public finance, financial risk management, financial accounting, public sector accounting, capital markets research in accounting and other areas.

The programmes in accounting and finance, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level strive for providing a solid education in accounting and finance essential for the success of our students in the ever more competitive job market.


Research in these divisions range from theoretical to empirical and quantitative to qualitative with a strong emphasis on cross-disciplinarity. Our research combines mathematics and physics with finance (in the Quantum Decision Theory research centre, and Institute of Finance), financial theory with philosophy and accounting with sociology and organisational theory. This covers risk management research (extreme event analysis, VaR evaluation of models in the context of Basel arrangements, VaR and market capitalisation, economic value of large losses in portfolio selection); banking performance analysis; as well media and the financial crisis, elections and volatility, political economy and the financial crisis, and behavioural finance.

We also have researchers who cover the informational value of insider trading; social studies of finance and accounting, which includes the formation of electronic markets, the social roots of market liquidity; social network analysis in finance and market practices of valuation. A further strand is consumer finance research which covers financial advice and management accounting systems, trust and the SME/Bank relationship, regulation and the bank-client relationship as well as consumers’ financial calculations and financial protection policy.

Accounting Division Head

Dr Hendrik Vollmer

Accounting Division Members

Lynne Howey Dr Ulrike Marx Dr Silva Pazzi Dr Camelia Vasilescu
Dr Geoff Lightfoot Anthony O'Tierney Linda Ralphs Dr Kenneth Weir
Caroline Linhares Jim O'Hare Dr Frederica Salvatori
Kishor Lodhia Dr Nikiforos Panourgias Dr Zsuzsanna Vargha

Finance Division Head

Dr Don Eggington

Division Members

Dr Fabrizio Adriani Stamatoula Fragkou Dr Hiro Nakata Dr Ekaterina Svetlova
Professor Marcel Ausloos Professor Peter Jackson Dr Ayman Omar Dr Tomasz Wisniewski
Mark Burridge Polina Khrennikova Dr Panayiotis Savvas Andy Wynne
Dr Godfrey Charles-Cadogan Dr Dan Ladley Dr Yukon Shi
Dr Carlos Diaz Vela Professor John Mellor Dr Sandro Sozzo

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