Accounting and Finance

The Accounting and Finance divisions are a diverse group of scholars with international reputations in important areas such as corporate finance, financial markets, public finance, financial risk management, financial accounting, public sector accounting, capital markets research in accounting and other areas.


Economics at Leicester has a long history with the first BSc Economics graduate being awarded their degree in 1932. As a group of academics, Economics at Leicester is ranked 14th in the UK in the prestigious Tilburg ranking, just above Imperial College London, and was ranked 17th for economics research outputs in the 2014 REF, above Manchester and Birmingham

Innovation, Technology and Operations

Innovation, Technology and Operations (INTO) is the intersection of social, scientific, economic and political practices with technology. At Leicester the INTO division locates itself within the interdisciplinary confluence between management/organisation studies and science and technology studies, and orients toward cognate developments in the fields of design, human factors, information science, social psychology, sociology, cultural studies and philosophy of science.

Management and Organisation

The Management and Organisation division has a global reputation for interdisciplinary, critical research on the processes of managing and organising. Combining theories and concepts from sociology, cultural studies, psychology, geography, history, anthropology, philosophy, gender studies, and other fields, our research examines how people coordinate their activities at difference Our work also has a strong historical emphasis, in particular with regard to issues of heritage as well as institutional and economic development.


The Marketing division is an internationally-renowned leader in interdisciplinary marketing research which has yielded some of the most theoretically-sound work in the field. The division includes experts in critical marketing, relationship marketing, social marketing, sustainability marketing, and non-profit marketing, as well as marketing theory, strategy, management, consumer culture and the sociology of consumption. Staff members are currently engaged in projects on marketer and consumer issues related to sustainability, fashion, tourism, disability, family, art, food and drink, policy, music, healthcare, performance, personal relationships, sexuality, identity, technology, fitness, media, branding, politics, natural resources, luxuries, and ethics.

Work and Employment

Research in the Work and Employment division is based on a broad understanding of labour, work, employment and regulation drawing on the traditions of sociology of work, work psychology, industrial relations and political economy. Themes of interest to particular members of the group include: comparative research, financialisation, global value chains, gender, corporate social responsibility, labour standards, outsourcing, precarious work, trade union renewal and workers’ transitions in and out of the labour market.

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