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Reverend Dr Ananias IitaReverend Dr Ananias Iita

MBO offers sincere congratulations to the Reverend Dr Ananias Iita, an alumni of ULSB who graduated with an MA in Co-operative Management and Organisational Development in July 2004 whom we have recently learnt obtained his PhD at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa, 2014. Reverend Dr Iita is currently teaching at the University of Namibia (UNAM) in the Faculty of Education, Department of Humanities.

Title: An assessment of the curriculum and implementation of the subject Religious and Moral Education in Namibia: A case study of the perceptions of RME teachers in the Ompundja Circuit of Oshana Region, Namibia

This pioneering research investigated the perceptions of RME teachers, in actual teaching and learning situations, regarding the implementation of the new RME syllabus in Namibia. The study engages a crucial global debate on paradigms for teaching religion and moral values and positively contributes to a growing canon of literature, via specific and carefully-sampled empirical research in an isolated region of Namibia. The constitutional democracy in Namibia brought new challenges to teachers who were previously only trained to teach Biblical Instruction as part of a Christian-National ideology. Findings illustrate that the new multi-cultural/multi-faith RME curriculum helps teachers and learners gain understanding of other faiths and values; fosters a culture of respect and tolerance; promotes the rights of different religions; prepares learners for responsible citizenship via shared values. The study’s significance lies in testing an exciting new paradigm and opening new ways of stimulating participation of learners with different backgrounds towards sharing moral insights that can help solve real-life problems.

Reverend Dr Ananias Ita is a keen co-operator who led a successful Cattle Co-operative in Northern Namibia.

Professor Esther GicheruProfessor Esther Gicheru

Professor Gicheru is the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Finance, Planning and Administration at The Co-operative University of Kenya. She has served in the ICA in various capacities as a member of the Global Board for four years and as member for the Global Human Resource Committee for Close to ten years. She is currently the Chair of the ICA Africa, Research and Gender Committee.

Her research interests include Gender and cooperative development; Governance and management of cooperatives. She completed her PhD at Cebu Doctors' University.

Title: Organisation development and transformation

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