Affiliated Research Groups and Units

CSSU - Civil Safety and Security Unit

The Civil Safety and Security Unit has a well-established international reputation for its work in the areas of contingency planning, disaster risk reduction, international security, public unrest, policing, local and central government policies, aviation safety and security, and business continuity management.

Lead: Dr Simon Bennett (Innovation, Technology and Operations Division)

EN - Econophysics Network

The Econophysics Network (EN) was established in 2016. Over the two last decades, the expansion of finance has increased more and more interest from scientific disciplines for market behaviours (economics, physics, mathematics, statistics, sociology, history etc.). The network website is hosted by KCL.

Lead: Dr Christophe Schinckus (Finance Division)

MBO - Membership Based Organisations

Membership Based Organisations (MBO) has a special focus on Co-operative Management and Organisational Development. MBO has conducted research dealing with problems of management and organisational development within the co-operative and mutual and social economy sectors.

Lead: Dr Peter Davis (Honorary Visiting Fellow)

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