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I am a cultural scholar working at the intersections of marketing and consumer research, cultural studies and performance studies. I joined the University of Leicester, School of Business, as Lecturer in Marketing in 2017/18, after having completed a PhD at King’s College London.

My broad research areas coalesce around the aesthetic, ethical and political dimensions of cultural consumption as well as the historical, sociocultural and transformative dynamics of the cultural market system.

I hold a PhD in Culture, Media and Creative Industries from King's College London, an MA in Cultural Policy and Management from Warwick University, an MA in Communication from the American College of Greece, a BSc in Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business and a BA in Dance, Choreography and Dance Education from the Higher Professional Dance Academy of Greece (D. Gregoriadou). I am a HEA Fellow (Hons) and a Fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) as well as a Member at Sadler’s Wells, the Tate and the Ivy Club.

In the past, I have been involved in a range of funded research projects supported by several grants from universities, public institutions and cultural organisations, such as Nesta, the Arts Council England (ACE), the Victoria and Albert Museum, CreativeWorks London, The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales, UCL, King’s Cultural Institute, Tima Foundation, University of Leicester, UL Innovation Hub, Cameo Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. In addition, I have served as a researcher, as a marketing and business development consultant and as a fundraiser for numerous cultural and not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises, charities and creative SMEs in the UK, USA and Greece including Dance Umbrella, Opera Holland Park, East London Dance, Royal Ballet of Birmingham, London School of Business and Finance, King’s College London, Emergency Exit Arts, Associated Studios, artFix London, Sinthesis Company, Athens Fringe Network, International Athens Film Festival, Rokka Festival, DemandforSupply and Metaxoto amongst others.


  • Consumption in the Creative Industries (MSc Marketing for the Creative Industries)
  • Strategies for Creative Marketing and Innovation (MSc Marketing for the Creative Industries - Module Leader)
  • Consumption, Brands and Communications (MSc Marketing)
  • Marketing Strategy and Innovation (MSc Marketing - Module Leader)
  • Research Methods for Marketing (MSc Marketing, MSc Marketing for the Creative Industries, MSc International Marketing)
  • Dissertations and Business Projects Supervision (UG, PG, MBA - Module Leader)

Prior to joining the School of Business at the University of Leicester, I taught at King’s College London in the UK in the Department of Culture, Media and Cultural Studies and in the Digital Humanities Department, at the University of Arkansas in the USA in the Walton Business School, Marketing Department and at the University of Peloponnese in Greece in the School of Theatre Studies.

The courses that I have previously taught include: (i) Digital Economies and Audiences, (ii) Digital Representations of Cultural Heritage, (iii) Management in the Digital Domain, (iv) Critical Approaches to Research, (v) Creative Industries and (vi) Research Methods at King’s College London; (vii) Global Marketing at the University of Arkansas; (viii) Cultural Management and Marketing and (ix) Principles of Entrepreneurship for the Creative Industries at the University of Peloponnese. I have also delivered independent workshops, seminars and intensive classes in Arts Management, Arts Marketing and Arts Fundraising.

Administrative responsibilities

  • Personal Tutor on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate module leadership
  • Internal Assignments/Examinations Assessor
  • MPhil/PhD Upgrade Examiner


My research interests broadly concentrate on the aesthetics, politics and ethics of markets and consumption. In particular, I study the politics of culture, the social orientation of aesthetics and the ethical dimension of consumption with a focus on participatory art, non-institutional creativity and their contribution to societal change. I also work on topics that concern creative epistemologies, dramaturgical marketing techniques and the historical constitution of the arts/cultural market. Recently, I turned my attention to the sociology and marketability of the body. In my future research, my goal is to look at the genealogy of the performing body and study the historical interrelationships between the body and the market as well as the formation of illegal arts markets.

Typically, my research is theory or phenomenon driven and aims at extending conceptualisations that originate from sociology, philosophy, cultural theory, politics and theories of aesthetics. Methodologically, I follow an interpretive / hermeneutic (qualitative) approach with the aspiration to critically examine contemporary cultural marketplace phenomena, market structures and systemic market transformations. I tend to amalgamate literature from marketing and consumer research, cultural studies, art history, theatre and performance studies, cultural policy and management to contribute to theory development for marketing, consumer and cultural scholarship. In brief, my work lies in the nexus of contemporary progressive interpretive, cultural and critical branches of marketing, such as Interpretive Consumer Research, Consumer Culture Theory (CCT), Transformative Consumer Research (TCR), Critical Marketing and Macromarketing. In the future, I would like to focus my efforts on placing the philosophy of aesthetics, ethics and politics at the heart of the marketing / business research, practice and education.

I have published in the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, City, Journal of Customer Behaviour, Journal of Promotional Communications and I have presented at and reviewed for leading cultural, marketing and arts conferences including the Association for Consumer Research Conference (ACRC), the International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC), the Consumer Culture Theory Conference (CCTC), the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC), the Transformative Consumer Research Conference (TCR), the Academy of Marketing Conference (AM), the Royal Geographical Society Conference (RGS), the Dance Studies Association Conference (CORD + SDHS), the Place Management and Branding Conference (IPBA), the International Visual and Performing Arts Conference (ATINER), the European Urban Research Association Conference (EURA) and more. I have also reviewed papers submitted/published in the Social Enterprise Journal, the Arts Journal, the Sustainability Journal, the Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship, the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing and the Journal of Consumer Research (Trainee Reviewer).


Current PhD students:

  • Margarita Avgerinopoulou
  • Jorge H. Borquez Jorquera
  • Najite Phoenix
  • Yan Ting Leung
  • Tatiana Polyakova
  • Adele Howes
  • Nada Mohamed

PhD Completions:

  • Chi K Lai

I welcome new PhD students that are interested in the following:

Research Areas

  • Market Aesthetics, Ethics and Politics
  • Art Consumption and Spectatorship (especially with an emphasis on participatory art, grassroots creativity, pop culture)
  • Art and Space
  • The Sociology and Marketability of the Body
  • Performance, Dramaturgy and Storytelling
  • Participatory / Collaborative Consumption
  • Embodied Epistemologies and Arts-Based Methods
  • Cultural / Arts Marketing, Branding and Fundraising
  • Social Enterprise and Markets
  • Politics, Activism and Social / Cultural Movements
  • Experiential and Symbolic Marketing and Consumption
  • Market Systems
  • Market / Marketing History

Research Paradigms

  • Cultural Studies, Media and Creative Industries
  • Interpretive Consumer Research
  • Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
  • Transformative Consumer Research (TCR)
  • Critical Marketing and Macromarketing
  • Cultural Policy and Management
  • Art History, Dance, Theatre and Performance Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • Social Theory
  • Philosophy of Aesthetics, Politics and Ethics


Brokalaki, Z. and Patsiaouras, G. (2021), “Commodifying ancient cultural heritage: The market evolution of the Parthenon Temple”, Journal of Historical Research in Marketing.

Brokalaki, Z. and Comunian, R. (2021), "Beyond the hype. Art and the city in economic crisis", City. Brokalaki, Z. and Murray, J. B. (2021), “Ethnographie créative et expériences culinaires: Exploration des pratiques alimentaires agréables”, Marketing Expérientiel Culinaire: Le Bien-être du Consommateur par le Plaisir Alimentair, Éditions Ellipse.

Lai, C. C. K., Patsiaouras, G. and Brokalaki, Z. (2020), “Tutors as brands: Exploring the celebrification of the Hong Kong shadow education sector, Journal of Promotional Communications.

Murray, JB, Brokalaki, Z, (2019), “Resistance”, Journal of Customer Behaviour.

Brokalaki, Z and Comunian, R, (2019), "Participatory Cultural Events and Place Attachment: A New Path towards Place Branding?", in Place Event Marketing: Promoting and Branding Urban Places, Routledge London.

Brokalaki, Z and Murray, JB, (2019), "Creative Ethnography", in Food and Experiential Marketing: Pleasure, Wellbeing and Consumption, Routledge London.

Murray, JB, Brokalaki, Z, Bhogal-Nair, A, Cermin, A, Chelekis, J, Cocker, HL, Eagar, T, McAlexander, B, Mitchell, N, Patrick, R, Robinson, T, Scholz, J, Thyroff, A, Zavala, M & Zuniga, M, (2018) "Toward a Processual Theory of Transformation", Journal of Business Research.

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