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  • Tel: +44 (0) 116 252 5958
  • Email: ws8@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 1.29, First Floor, Fielding Johnson Building
  • Office hours: By appointment only (please email)

Personal details

I joined the University of Leicester in 2013 having previously taught at the Open University. I studied at the University of Warwick and the University of Lancaster and did my PhD at Keele University on the use of chaos and complexity theory in organizational studies. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Current teaching centres on distance learning modules, in particular, research methods and the dissertation.


I am interested in questions of engagement, accountability and authenticity.


Smith, W., Higgins, M., Kokkinidis, G. and Parker, M. (OnlineFirst) "Becoming invisible: The ethics and politics of imperceptibility", Culture and Organization.

V. Fournier and W. Smith (2012) Making choice, taking risk: On the coming out of Critical Management Studies. Ephemera, 12(4): 463-474.

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Full Listing of Publications

W. Smith and M. Higgins (2003). Popularisation, Paralogy and Postmodernism: The Cultural Life of Chaos Theory. Culture and Organization, Vol. 9(2), 93-104.

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Edited Collection

W. Smith, M. Higgins, M. Parker and G. Lightfoot (Eds) (2001). Science Fiction and Organization, Routledge: London.

Articles in Edited Collections

W. Smith (2007). Entries on Willliam Blake, Robert Owen, Port Sunlight, New Lanark, Bournville, The New Model Army, The Peasants Revolt, Guilds, Captain Swing, Rowntree, Wat Tyler, Ranters, Quakers and Saltaire in ‘The Dictionary of Alternative and Utopian Organization’ ed. Martin Parker, Valerie Fournier and Patrick Reedy, Zed Books, London.

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W. Smith (2001). “I am a Man. And Nothing Human is Alien to Me: Alienation and Freakishness” in Science Fiction and Organization ed. W. Smith, M. Higgins, M. Parker and G. Lightfoot, London: Routledge, 177-189.

W. Smith and M. Higgins (2001). “Trust No One”: Science Fiction and Marketing’s Future/Present in Imagining Marketing ed. Stephen Brown, London: Routledge, 107-123.

W. Smith (1998). Computers and Representation: Organization in the Virtual World in Organization/Representation: Work and Organizations in Popular Culture ed. J. Hassard and R. Holliday, London: Sage.


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