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I work in the Economics Finance and Accounting at the University of Leicester. Membership of relevant bodies include: Royal Economics Society, European Economic Association and European Association of Labour Economists.



  • EC1001 Macroeconomics
  • EC3064 Econometrics Project


  • Labour economics, wages and employment in general and in particular minimum wage as well as economics of migration.
  • Research papers can be downloaded via RePEc.

You must apply formally to our Economics PhD programme before we allocate you a supervisor as part of the review process. You do not need to contact our staff separately.


Economic effects of migration. The effect of migration on the wages and employment of natives influences public opinion and attitudes towards migrants.  This in turn affects policymaking.  While the migration literature is growing fast, there are relatively few studies using UK data, and many other countries have few or no rigorous analysis of the effects of migration on the labour market.  Thus, topics such as the effect of migration on wages and employment, migration duration, migration assimilation, the effect of migration on pension, etc., are fruitful areas of research.


Full list of publications

Journal publications

(2018)  “The Employment and Earnings Gap between Natives and Immigrants in the UK between 1981 and 2006”, Fiscal Studies, forthcoming.

(2017)  “Mind the Gap: A Detailed Picture of the Immigrant-Native Earnings Gap in the UK using Longitudinal Data between 1978 and 2006”, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 63: 57-75.

(2016)  “Evidence on immigrants' assimilation into recipient labour markets using UK longitudinal data between 1981 and 2006”, Journal of Economic Geography, 16 (3): 547-583, joint with Luisa Gagliardi.

(2015) “The immigrant–native earnings gap across the earnings distribution”, Applied Economics Letters, 22(5): 361-369

(2014)   “Labour Market Effects of Eastern European Migration in Wales”, The Manchester School, 82(5):524-548

(2014)   “New Labour? The Effects of Migration from Central and Eastern Europe on Unemployment and Wages in the UK", The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 14(1):299-338, joint with Jonathan Portes.

(2013) Immigrant Economic Assimilation: Evidence from UK Longitudinal Data between 1978 and 2006”, Labour Economics, 24:339-353

(2009)  “Comparing Employment Estimates Using Different Minimum Wage Variables: the case of Brazil”, International Review of Applied Economics, 23(4):405-425

(2009)  “Minimum Wage Effects in a Developing Country”, Labour Economics, 16(2): 224-237.

(2008)  “A Survey of the Effects of the Minimum Wage on Prices”, Journal of Economic Surveys, 22(1), 187-212.

(2007) "Minimum Wage Effects on Wages, Employment and Prices in BrazilResearch in Labor Economics, 26:397-413.

(2007) “The Effects of the Minimum Wage in the Private and Public Sectors in Brazil”, Journal of Development Studies, 43(4):700-720.

(2006) “Anticipated Effects of the Minimum Wage on Prices”, Applied Economics, 38(3):325-337.

(2005) “Political Variables as Instruments for the Minimum Wage”, Contributions to Economic Analysis & Policy, 4(1):1-31 (article 16).

(2004) “Do Minimum Wage Price Effects Hurt the Poor More?”, Revista Economica, 50(1):67-83.

(2004) “Minimum Wage Policy and Employment Effects: Evidence from Brazil”, Economia, 5(1):219-266.

(2003) “The Effects of the Minimum wage on Prices in Brazil”, Anais do XXV Encontro Brasileiro de Econometria SBE, 2:925-946.

(1998) “Minimum Wage and Average Wages in Brazil”, Anais do XXVI Encontro Nacional de Economia ANPEC, 2:1181-1198.

Book publications

(2010) “Minimum Wage in Brazil: The Effect of the Minimum Wage on Wages, Employment and Prices in Brazil, VDM: Germany.

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