Work Experience

Academic and Commercial Consultancy

Editorial Interests, Committees and Other

External Examining

Work Experience

1976 Employed as a Research Assistant in the Department of Economics at The City University.

1977-1979 Part time class tutor in Mathematical Economics for 2nd year undergraduates at The City University.

1979-1981 Full time Research Officer in the Department of Social and Economic Studies, Imperial College, also regular teaching in macro and micro Economics at undergraduate level.

19811982 Research Officer at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, engaged on a project on the macroeconomic impact of North Sea Oil with Sir Fred Atkinson.

1982-1987 Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, working on general macroeconomic and econometric research and the production of the forecast which appears in the review.

1987-1990 Economics Division of the Bank of England. February 1989, head of the Modelling Group within the Bank (a group which specialises in long term research projects). November 1989 promoted to Economic Adviser with managerial responsibilities for the Public and Personal sectors.

1990-1995 Centre for Economic Forecasting, London Business School as Director of Research and Professorial fellow.

1995-2005 Professor of Economics, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine.

2005 Professor of Economics, University of Leicester

Academic and Commercial Consultancy

1988-1989 The ESRC Macro Modelling Bureau at Warwick

1990-1992 The Bank of England

1991 The Trustee Savings Bank

1991 Standard and Chartered Bank

1992 Hill Samuel Bank

1992-1993 The Philippines Development Agency

1992-1998 The MEET project, a network of Eastern European academics

1993-1994 The International Monetary Fund, visiting scholar

1994 Lecture Course at the Queens University Belfast

1995-1999 Visiting Professor, London Business School

1996 Visiting consultant to the Bank of Greece

1999 Visiting Professor at the University of Pretoria

1999 Member of the Governing Body of the Macroeconomics and Data Research Centre, University of Gdansk, Poland

1999- 2001 Team leader for the European Economic Expertise service of the European Union to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Contract No. RF33 contract value 400,000 Euros.

1999 Member of the Governing Body of Econometric Research South Africa

2000-2002.1 Oxford Economic Forecasting, research consultant

2000-2001 Visiting Professor at the RheinischWestfalisches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI), Essen, Germany

2000-2002 Research Associate, the Centre for International Macroeconomics, Oxford University

2000 Member of the Governing Body of the Romanian Centre of Economic Modelling (RCEM)

2001-2001 Team leader for the European Economic Expertise service of the European Union to the Ministry of Economics in Russia contract No. RF10

2003 Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research

2003/4 Consultant to HM Customs and Excise

2004/5 Consultant to the Office of National Statistics

2007 Consultant to the European Central Bank

Editorial Interests, Committees & Other

1985-1987 Member of the Editorial Board of the National Institute Economic Review.

1990-1999 Associate editor of the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

1991 Editor of the John Wiley series of books in Financial Economics and Quantitative Analysis.

1990 Programme committee member of the IFAC working group on Modelling and Control of National and Regional Economies.

1992-2000 Steering Committee of the ESRC, Money, Macro and Finance Study Group.

1992 Member of H.M. Treasurys panel of academic advisors

1993-1998 Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Economic Modelling.

1993 Steering committee member of United Nations Project LINK.

1995 Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Finance and Economics

1996-2000 Member of the ESRC Grants Board

1997 Member of the ESRC ROPA award panel

1998 Associate Editor of Applied Financial Economics

1998 Member of the ESRC ROPA award panel

1998 Editor, Economic Modelling, with Peter Pauly

1999 Awarded the honour of being the first distinguished author of the Journal of Applied Econometrics (vol. 14, pg.455, 1999)

1999 Member of the UN expert group on Policy Models for Low Income and Least Developed Countries

1999 Member of the advisory board of the Centre for Monetary and Financial Economics, South Bank University

2000 Member of the editorial board of the South African Journal of Economics

External Examining

1990-1994 External examiner at Kingston University for the BSc degree in Economics.

1992-1996 External examiner at the Guildhall University for the MSc in Forecasting and Econometrics.

1994-1998 External Examiner for Leicester University

1994-1998 External Examiner Birkbeck College, London

1995-1999 External Examiner The City University

1996-2000 External Examiner Surrey University

2000-2003 External Examiner at Cardiff Business School

1999 –2001 External Examiner at Reading University

2003-2006 External Examiner Warwick University

2006 External Examiner University of Mauritius

Examiner for PhD students in London, Aarhus University, Guildhall University, Leicester University, Newcastle University, Lisbon University, City University, Cambridge, Southampton, Birkbeck, Queen Marys and Oxford.

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