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I joined Leicester in June 2018 from Loughborough University, having previously worked at De Montfort University and the University of Manchester. I also held a visiting professor role at HEC Montréal (2017-18).

I am associate editor for the International Journal of Human Resource Management, and organiser of the “Institutional Experimentation for Better Work” network of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. I am also a lead member of CRIMT, a leading international research partnership researching globalisation and work.


  • International business

Administrative responsibilities

  • REF Lead, Business & Management


My broad research interest is in how management is shaped by economic, social, political and geographical contexts. Most of my research focuses on multinational companies, examining both their internal coordination, and the ways in which the disruptions to national and local business systems caused by corporate globalisation shape the decisions of managers, social actors and policy makers. My approach to researching these issues is strongly internationally comparative, based on a position that understanding the articulation of contemporary capitalism requires a deep understanding of local/national societies, as well as international dynamics. I have area expertise in Western Europe (particularly France and Spain), North America (particularly Canada/Quebec), and am currently developing research in Korea. My work is influenced by comparative sociology, political economy, and economic and political geography, as well as by work in organisation studies, human resource management and industrial relations.

I am currently working on a large project on “globalizing actors in multinationals”, funded by the ESRC and the Korean national research foundation, with colleagues from Loughborough, UEA, Seoul National University and the University of Montréal. This project investigates the ways in which individuals with international roles in multinationals create and diffuse norms affecting the management of human resources across Europe, North America and East Asia.

I am also a lead researcher of the major international research partnership project “Institutional Experimentation for Better Work”, based at the University of Montréal and funded by the Canadian SSHRC, which brings together more than 150 researchers in a dozen countries researching responses to the multiple disruptions currently facing the regulation of work and employment worldwide.

Previously, I was Principal Investigator of an ESRC project on multinationals, sub-national governance and human resources, which investigated regional approaches to the competition to attract foreign investment in the Canada, Ireland, Spain and the UK.


I am interested in supervising doctoral students across my areas of knowledge, particularly those adopting qualitative-led approaches to international comparisons.


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