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MSc, PhD

I am a Belgian engineer (U. Liege, 1967). I turned toward theoretical studies of materials and condensed matter for my M.Sc. (Brown U., 1970) and toward statistical physics for my PhD (Temple U., 1973). Advisors for the final thesis were R Simon, A. Baratoff, and K. Kawasaki, respectively. Thereafter, I have been applying statistical physics ideas and methods in various fields encompassing biophysics, financial and econo-physics, meteorology, linguistics, socio-physics, and many other non-equilibrium time-dependent systems, beside pursuing investigations on condensed matter, e.g. on liquids, alloys, magnets, ceramics, or superconductors.

After some visiting professorship, at the Freie Univ. Berlin, I returned to the University of Liege, where I spent my whole career, mainly teaching and performing some research on materials and in statistical physics. I founded the SUPRAS "horizontal" group of scientists belonging to various ULG laboratories (physics, chemistry, engineering) with fundamental or applied science interests on ceramics superconductors and magnetic materials. The research group culminated in a FNRS recognized Center of Excellence, SUPRATECS. In parallel, I initiated the GRASP, later on reforming part of the group to become GRAPES (Group of Researchers for Applications of Physics in Economy and Sociology). Since Nov. 2014, I have held a part-time chair at the School of Business, College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities, at the University of Leicester.

I have contributed greatly to statistical mechanics theory through studying various disordered systems, which can be described along fractal and multi-fractal ideas. I have been much interested in describing non-linear and out-of-equilibrium phenomena, in classical and so called exotic physics, through mathematical formalisms and simulation works. My work in econo-physics and socio-physics is widely respected.

I have in the order of 600 publications, in peer review journals and as peer review published communications at scientific meetings, with more than 300 different coauthors; I have edited 9 books, organised many international conferences, directed many graduate student theses, presented many scientific contributions at meetings or gave seminars, and taught in many "summer/winter schools". I am or have been a member of the editorial board of various journals, and very often chosen as a reviewer. My Hirsch index is greater than 40.

I have a widely open interest in interdisciplinary research and have a well known track for research project management or leadership. I have been taken as an expert for many projects by various financially granting bodies, in Europe and USA, and been recognised through several honoring distinctions.


Econophysics, sociophysics, nonlinear dynamics, nonequilibrium systems, networks, phase transitions, growth (and decay) models, fractals, scientometrics, statistical physics, materials sciences and applied mathematics.


Edited books/proceedings [2019-date]

ECONO- AND SOCIOPHYSICS IN TURBULENT WORLD, Physica A 513, Special Issue Edited by M. Ausloos, D. Grech, T. Di Matteo, R. Kutner, C. Schinckus, H. E. Stanley (Elsevier, 2019).

Recent peer reviewed publications [2019 - date)

Cl. Vinte, I. Smeureanu, T.-F. Furtună, and M. Ausloos, An Intrinsic Entropy Model For Exchange-Traded Securities, Entropy 21, 1173 (2019).

V. Ficcadenti, R. Cerqueti, and M. Ausloos, A joint text mining-rank size investigation of the rhetoric structures of the US Presidents' speeches. Expert Systems With Applications 123 (2019) 127-142.

M. Ausloos, D.  Grech, T.  Di Matteo, R.   Kutner, Ch. Schinckus, and H. E.  Stanley, Preface, Physica A 513 (2019) 272.

R. Kutner, M. Ausloos, D. Grech, T. Di Matteo, C. Schinckus, and H. E. Stanley, Econophysics and sociophysics: Their milestones & challenges, Physica A 516 (2019) 240-253.

M. Ausloos,  A. Eskandary, P.  Kaur, and G.  Dhesi, Evidence for Gross Domestic Product growth time delay dependence over Foreign Direct Investment. A time-lag dependent correlation study. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 527 (2019)  121181.

M.  Ausloos, Rank-size law, financial inequality indices and gain concentrations by cyclist teams.  The case of a multiple stage bicycle race, like Tour de France. Physica A 540 (2020) 123161.

M.  Bahrami, N. Chinichian, A. Hosseiny, G. R. Jafari, and M. Ausloos, Optimization of the Post-crisis Recovery Plans in Scale-Free Networks. Physica A 540 (2020) 123203.

M. Ausloos, O. Nedic, and A. Dekanski, Correlations between submission and acceptance of papers in peer review journals, Scientometrics 119 (1) (2019) 279-302.

M. Ausloos, O. Nedic, and A. Dekanski, Seasonal Entropy, Diversity and Inequality Measures of Submitted and Accepted Papers Distributions in Peer-Reviewed Journals, Entropy 21 (2019) 564.

A.Y. Chang, K. Cowling, A.E. Micah, and Global Burden of Disease Health Financing Collaborator Network, Past, present, and future of global health financing: a review of development assistance, government, out-of pocket, and other private spending on health for 195 countries, 1995-2050. The Lancet 393(10187), 2233-2260 (2019).

Ch. Fitzmaurice and Global Burden of Disease Cancer Collaboration, Global, Regional, and National Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Years of Life Lost, Years Lived With Disability, and Disability-Adjusted Life-Years for 29 Cancer Groups, 1990 to 2017. A Systematic Analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study, JAMA Oncol. 5(12), 1749-1768 (2019).

R. Burstein and S. I. Hay and GBD Collaborators, Mapping 123 million neonatal, infant, and child deaths  between 2000 and 2017. Nature, 574(7778), 353-358 (2019).

N. Graetz, L.Woyczynski,  K. F. Wilson,  Local Burden of Disease Educational Attainment Collaborators, and S.I. Hay, Mapping   disparities in education  across low- and middle-income countries, Nature 577 (2019) 235-238.

D. S.  Kinyoki, A. Osgood-Zimmerman, Local Burden of Disease Child Growth Failure Collaborators, and S. I. Hay, Mapping child growth failure across low- and middle-income countries.  Nature 577 (7789) 231-234 (2020).

M. Gańczak, T. Miazgowski, M. Kożybska, A. Kotwas, M. Korzeń, B. Rudnicki, T. Nogal, C.L. Andrei, M. Ausloos, and GBD collaborators, Changes in disease burden in Poland between 1990-2017 in comparison with other Central European countries: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017,  PLOS ONE 5(3), (2020) e0226766.

B. V. Ileanu,  M. Ausloos, C. Herteliu, and  M. P. Cristescu, Intriguing behaviour when testing the impact of quotation marks usage in Google search results, Quality and Quantity 53 (2019) 2507-2519.

G. Dhesi, B. Shakeel, and M. Ausloos, Modelling and Forecasting the Kurtosis and Returns Distributions of Financial Markets: Irrational Fractional Brownian Motion Model Approach, Annals of Operations Research (in press) ;

C. Herteliu,  I. Jianu, I.  Jianu, V. C. Bobb, G.  Dhesi,  S. I. Ceptureanu, E. G. Ceptureanu, and M. Ausloos, Money's  Importance from the Religious Perspective, Annals of Operations Research (in press) ;

M. Ausloos, Q. Ma, P. Kaur, B.  Syed, G.  Dhesi, Duration Gap Analysis Revisited Method in Order to Improve Risk Management. The case of (Chinese) commercial bank interest rate risks after interest rate liberalisation. Soft Computing (2019) ;

M. Ausloos,  F.  Bartolacci,  N.  G. Castellano, and R. Cerqueti, Simple approaches on how to discover promising strategies for efficient enterprise performance, at time of crisis in the case of SMEs: Voronoi clustering and outlier effects perspective, in « Simplicity of Complexity in Economic and Social Systems », D. Grech and J. Miskiewicz, Eds. (Springer, 2020).

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