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Lecturer in Organisation and Management StudiesOz Gore

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  • Email: oz.gore@leicester.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 2.15, Brookfield House and New Build, Brookfield
  • Office hours: Wednesday 12:00noon - 2:00pm

Personal details

I am a Lecturer in Organisation and Management Studies at the University of Leicester School of Business. Prior to joining Leicester, I was a Research Associate at the University of Manchester.

I hold a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Politics (PPE) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an MA in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel-Aviv University, and a PhD in Business Management from the University of Manchester. Additionally, I have professional experience working for a policy think-tank on Innovation Policy. I am also an avid gamer and have more than 200 hours of hands-on training in game development. Finally, I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Module leader

  • MN1024: Managing Information Technology (first year module)
  • MN3102: Critical Analysis for Management (third year module)
  • MN3131: Ecology and Sustainability: Contemporary Issues (third year module)

Seminar leader

  • MN2126: Cyberpsychology at Work (second year module)


My research interests focus on the making of knowledge in public organisations, the relationships between digital technologies and social organisation, and questions of method in organisational research, broadly understood. I am currently exploring these interests in the context of accountability and performance measurement in government, game design in commercial game development, and organisational ethnography as a qualitative method, respectively. Conceptually, I approach these topics by drawing on insights from the material-semiotics of actor-network theory, the pragmatist and speculative work of Gilles Deleuze, Alfred N. Whitehead and others, as well as on developments in the fields of Science and Technology Studies, Organisation Studies, and Critical Management Studies. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research and knowledge-making.


  • Managerialism and public organisations (particularly around the impacts of managerialism and the organisation and policy of health services)
  • Knowledge and organisations (particularly around economic evidence, performance indication and marketisation)
  • Organisational ethnography
  • Digital industries (particularly the gaming industry and the usage of analytics)
  • Philosophy of research and method in the social sciences
  • Sustainability and ecological crisis


Roman Gnaegi – Working Title: “Finding ‘Peace through Health’ – SDG 16 and the contributions of Cambodia’s rural health workers towards a peaceful, just and inclusive society”


Gore, O., McDermott, I., Checkland, K., Allen, P., & Moran, V. (2018). Discretion drift in primary care commissioning in England: Towards a conceptualization of hybrid accountability obligations. Public Administration, early view: https://doi.org/10.1111/padm.12554.

Gore, O., Hammond, J., Bailey, S., Checkland, K., & Hodgson, D. (2018). Not every public sector is a field: evidence from the recent overhaul of the English NHS. Public Management Review, 21(4): 559-580.

Moran, V., Allen, P., McDermott, I., Checkland, K., Warwick-Giles, L., Gore, O., Bramwell, D., & Coleman, A. (2017). How are clinical commissioning groups managing conflicts of interest under primary care co-commissioning in England? BMJ Open, 7: e018422. OZ GORE | pg. 3/3

Kaufmann, D. & Gore, O., 2013. Biotechnology as a Low-Level-of-Coherence Policy Priority: Effectual-Targeting and the Need for Learning and Experimentation Capabilities. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 25(7): 773-784.

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