Dr Marti Lopez-Andreu

Lecturer in HRM and Employment Relations

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Personal details

Before moving to the UK I worked as a Lecturer and a Researcher in the Sociology Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), where I participated in two European Framework projects (RESORE and CAPRIGHT). In 2011 I was awarded a PhD in Sociology and I moved to the UK in 2013 after being awarded with a Marie Curie IEF (Intra-European Fellowship) at the Manchester Business School to carry out a research about the effects of recession in labour market trajectories and in the life course (TRANSICAP). Before moving to Leicester in my current position I held the position of Lecturer in Organisation studies in the University of Huddersfield.


  • MN3116 Industrial Relations in a Changing Economy
  • MN1012 Employment Relations
  • MN7363 Employment Relations in a Global Context


I have been working on topics related to changes in labour market trends, employment regulation and management practices and their effect on individual lives and careers. My research interests are related to changes in institutional frameworks and company policies and how they affect working life and life courses. Moreover, I am especially interested in how changes in employment relations (including human resources practices, employment regulation, and broader social policies) affect workers in terms of conditions in the workplace, opportunities for voice, career development and changes in skills requirements. My research is based on the use of mixed method strategies (including longitudinal and panel data analysis, narrative biographies, semi-structured interviews and case studies, among others).

My current areas of interest are focused on:

  • Trajectories and careers (transitions, promotions, etc.)
  • Changes in employment regulation institutions
  • Industrial relations, including union practices and emerging forms of protest/collective action at workplace level
  • Precarious work, precarious workers and insecurity in the workplace
  • Life-course analysis
  • Mix-methods designs

Current research projects

"The price of bogus self-employment: Analysing the impact of the individualisation of risks on working lives", BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants 2017-18 Round, May 2018-May 2020, PI.

‘The fissuring of the Employment relationship in the Hotel industry’, Director of Labour Market Enforcement (BEIS), 09/2018-12/2018.

Previous research projects

“Gender pay-gap as a multidimensional phenomenon. Analysis of the institutional, organisational and cultural barriers” (La brecha salarial como fenómeno multidimensional. Análisis de barreras institucionales, organizacionales y culturales), Recercaixa Program, 15/02/2016-15/02/18. Co-Investigator, PI: Pilar Carrasquer (UAB).

“Framing non institutional forms of workers mobilisation in times of austerity: the case of the strike in Movistar’s contractors’ in Spain”, School Research Fund, Business School Huddersfield, August 2016-February 2017, PI.

“Lost in transition: Employment insecurity and its effects in younger adult’s life courses in times of austerity in the UK and Spain”, Beatriu de Pinós Fellowhsip (Marie Curie Cofund, contract number 600385), 7th Framework programme, European Commission - Government of Catalonia, October 2015-October, PI.

Labour trajectories in UK and Spain. Analysis of capabilities in transitions using a mixed-method approach (TRANSICAP), Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship, 7th Framework programme, European Commission, ref. FP7-328223, May 2013-May 2015, PI (supervisor: Prof. Jill Rubery)

Una aproximación a las trayectorias laborales basadas en transiciones y capacidades. Análisis de recursos y opciones laborales a través de una integración metodológica” (Analysis of labour market trajectories based in transitions and capabilities. Resources and labour options analysed by a methodological integration): Fundamental research projects, VI Spanish National Plan of R+D, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, ref. CSO2012-39462. Resignation as I obtained the Marie Curie grant.

“European Industrial Relation Observatory (EIRO) - Representativeness Study on the Audiovisual Sector Funding entity: European Foundation for the Improvement of Working and Living Conditions (Eurofound), 2012


I am keen to supervise doctoral students’ work in the areas connected to my research expertise: changes and trends in employment relations, working conditions, careers and skill development, emerging labour and union practices and life course approaches.

Tadiwa Muradzikiwa: ‘To what extent is the skills shortage debate instrumentally informing policy-makers?’ (with Dr Reka Plugor).

Junjie Yang: ‘The research on Chinese labor resistance activities and the possible future of Chinese trade unions’ (with Dr Phoebe Moore).

Tina Mbinda: ‘A Tiered Labour Relations System? The disparities in application of labor policies in Kenya with a focus on the minimum wage regulation’ (with Dr Heather Connolly).


Academic journals

López-Andreu, M. (2018): ‘Neoliberal trends in collective bargaining and employment regulation in Spain, Italy and the UK: From institutional forms to institutional outcomes’, European Journal of Industrial relations, First published 9 November 2018, https://doi.org/10.1177/0959680118810294.

López-Andreu, M. (2018): ‘Employment Institutions under Liberalization Pressures: Analysing the Effects of Regulatory Change on Collective Bargaining in Spain’, British Journal of Industrial Relations, First published 29 May 2018, https://doi.org/10.1111/bjir.12418.

López-Andreu, M. and Rubery, J. (2018): ‘Austerity and women’s employment trajectories in Spain and the UK: A comparison of two flexible labour markets’, Economic and Industrial Democracy, First Published March 22, 2018, https://doi.org/10.1177/0143831X18760988.

López-Andreu, M. (2017) “All precarious? Institutional change and turning points in labour market trajectories in Spain: Insights from narrative biographies”, Employee Relations, 39 (3): 408-422.

López-Andreu, M. and Verd, J. M. (2016) “Employment Instability and Economic Crisis in Spain. Effects on Labour Market trajectories of Younger Adults”, European Societies, 18 (4): 315-335.

Verd, J. M and López-Andreu, M. (2015) “Crisis del empleo y polarización de las trayectorias laborales. El caso de los adultos jóvenes en Cataluña” [Employment crisis and polarisation of labour market trajectories. The case of young adults in Catalonia], Papers. Revista de Sociologia, 101 (1): 5-30.  Ranked n. 7 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INRECS Index.

López Andreu, M. (2014): “El desempleo como potencial punto de inflexión. Un análisis biográfico de trayectorias laborales” [Unemployment as a potential turning point: A biographical analysis of labour trajectories], Sociologia del Trabajo, 81: 27-49. Ranked n. 1 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INRECS Index.

López Andreu, M., Verd, J. M (2013): “Employers’ strategies, capabilities and career development in Spain. A comparative case analysis at two service firms”, International Journal of Manpower, 34 (4): 345-361.

Verd, J.M; López Andreu, M. (2012): “La inestabilidad del empleo en las trayectorias laborales. Un análisis cuantitativo” [The instability of employment in labour trajectories. A quantitative analysis”], Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 138: 135-148. Ranked n. 3 in journals of Sociology in Spanish, INCRECS Index.

Bartelheimer, P., Verd, J. M., Lehweß-Litzmann, R., López Andreu, M., Schmidt, T. (2012): “Unemployment, intervention and capabilities. A comparative study of Germany and Spain”. Transfer. European Review of Labour and Research, 18 (1): 31-44.

López Andreu, M.; Verd, J.M (2011): “Les effets de la formation diffèrent selon les parcours sur le marché du travail: l’exemple catalán”, Formation Emploi, 113: 63-79.

Verd, J.M.; López-Andreu, M. (2011): “The rewards of a qualitative approach to life-course research. The example of the effects of social protection policies on career paths” Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 12 (3).

Verd, J.M.; Vero, J.; López Andreu, M. (2009): “Trayectorias laborales y enfoque de las capacidades: Elementos para una evaluación longitudinal de las políticas de protección social” [Labour trajectories and capabilities approach. Elements for a longitudinal evaluation of social policies”, Sociologia del Trabajo, 67: 127-150 Ranked n. 1 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INRECS Index.

López Andreu, M. (2008): “La reforma de la prestació d’atur a Espanya en el marc de la Estratègia Europea d’Ocupació” [The reform of unemployment benefit in Spain in the framework of the European Employment Strategy], Papers. Revista de Sociologia, Vol. 88: 11-30. Ranked n. 7 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INRECS Index.

López Andreu, M.; Lope, A, Verd, J.M. (2007): “El empleo subvencionado: entre las políticas activas de empleo y la mutación del salario”, Cuadernos de Relaciones Laborales, Vol. 25 (12): 151-178. Ranked n. 2 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INRECS Index.

Book chapters

Verd, J.M., Lopez Andreu, M. (2014): “The effects of non-formal training policies in a neoliberal employment model: An assessment from the capability approach”, in Otto, H-U. and Ziegler, H. (Eds): Shaping the Social: Challenges for critical social policy and the possibilities of the Capability Approach. Farmington Hills, Mich: Barbara Budrich.

López Andreu, M., Lope, A. Verd, J. M. (2013): "New Employment Forms. Reducing the Scope of Wage", in Clasquin, B. and Friot, B. (eds): The wage under attack. Brussels: PIE-Peter Lang. Pp. 183-206.

Bartelheimer, P; Verd, J.M.; Büttner, R.; López-Andreu, M.; Schmidt, T. (2011): “Action publique et liberté de choix pour les chômeurs : étude contrastée de l’Allemagne et de l’Espagne”, in Salais, R. (dir.): Le travail réinventé. Un défi pour l’Europe. Nantes: Cabinet Martinez.

López Andreu, M.; Potrony, J. (2011): “Crisi, joves i formacio” in Masjuan, J. M. (ed.): Societat Catalana 2012. Associacio Catalana de Sociologia: Barcelona, Pp. 239-262.

Potrony, J.; López Andreu, M.; Santos, Ana B. (2011): Nuevas competencias y nuevos empleos para Andalucía 2020. Prospectiva de necesidades de formación y empleo. Servicio Andaluz de Empleo: Sevilla.

Book reviews

López-Andreu, M (2018): “European Social Models From Crisis to Crisis: Employment and Inequality in the Era of Monetary Integration” (Book Review). British Journal of Industrial Relations, 56 (1): 234-236.

López Andreu, M (2007): ‘Lo laboral en tiempos de transición’ (Book Review), Papers. Revista de Sociologia, Vol. 87: 287-290. Ranked n. 7 in Sociology journals in Spanish, INCRECS Index.

Professional Journal Papers

López Andreu, M.; Verd, J.M (2011): “Usos y efectos de la protección al desempleo en España. Resultados en base a la perspectiva de las capacidades”, Cuadernos del Mercado de Trabajo, Vol. 7: 14-21.

López Andreu, M.; Potrony, J. (2011): “Crisi, joves i formacio” in Masjuan, J. M. (ed.): Societat Catalana 2012. Associacio Catalana de Sociologia: Barcelona, Pp. 239-262.

Potrony, J.; López Andreu, M.; Santos, Ana B. (2011): Nuevas competencias y nuevos empleos para Andalucía 2020. Prospectiva de necesidades de formación y empleo. Servicio Andaluz de Empleo: Sevilla.


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