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Dr Katharine VenterAssociate Professor in Sociology

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  • Tel: +44 (0)116 252 5956
  • Email: k.venter@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 2.07, Brookfield House and New Build. Brookfield
  • Office hours: By appointment only (please email)

Personal details

I am an Associate Professor in Sociology within the School of Business. In 1991 I joined the University of Leicester in the Centre for Labour Market Studies one of the departments that launched the University’s first distance learning programmes. In 2012 I joined the School of Management before it became a part of the School of Business in 2016. I am currently the Head of Work and Employment Division. I have an undergraduate degree in Applied Sociology and my PhD research examined the careers of women managers in Hong Kong and Britain. I am a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


  • MBA - MN7701  Managing and Developing People and Organisations - Induction Unit Leader
  • MSc HRM - LM3507 Equality and Diversity - Module Leader
  • BA Management - MN2133 Diversity in Organisations
  • DSocSci  - LM8010  Globalisation and HRD - Module Leader
  • DSocSci  - LM8014 Gender Work and Society - Module Leader

Administrative responsibilities

  • Head of Division - Work and Employment
  • BA HRM - Essay Support


My principal research interests revolve around issues of gender, employment and the interconnections between paid work, unpaid work and home, family and leisure lives. I'm also interested in the cultural context of work and of learning, (including experiences of both formal education and workplace learning). My current research explores a range of these issues in the context of the non-profit and voluntary sector.

I have undertaken research funded by a number of bodies including the ILO, CIPD, Skills Third Sector and the British Academy.

Research grants

Work, Life and Volunteering: Contextualising experiences of voluntary work in the non-profit and voluntary sector. British Academy SG150165.


Current doctoral supervision

  • Fizza Bhatti: Women’s experiences of work and family interconnections in Pakistan
  • Amy De Bruycker: When female junior doctors cross the career threshold: why women are underrepresented in prestigious specialities in the NHS
  • Jennifer Cartwright: The dark side of paid placements? A longitudinal study of the impact of emotional labour on Higher Education placement year students in the Midlands: preparedness, consequences and resistance.
  • Kinkini Chatterjee: Evolution of the Work Model: Transition from Conventional Work Place to Co-Working Spaces, Work from Home and Virtual Work Spaces for the Knowledge Worker.
  • Louisa Horne: The impact of the decline in local volunteerism on communities and small businesses
  • Nora Musyoka: “Mwethya” in action: Leveraging traditional cultural practise to promote the empowerment of women in Kitui County of Eastern Kenya
  • Benjamin Palmer: A fruitful field for women: A collective biography of women in biochemistry 1906-1975.
  • Yousef Jarbi: The impact of Assistive technology on the learning experiences of learners with special educational needs.

Completed doctoral supervision

  • Sarah Howling: Learning, becoming, leading: the experiences of international school principals.
  • Pansy Lam: Chinese culture and learning in Hong Kong.
  • Lynda Holland: The development of professional services in 19th Century County Towns: A case study of the County Town of Stafford.
  • Andrea Thuermer-Leung: Chinese Business Culture: The Importance of ‘Guanxi’ for Management Practices in Hong Kong.
  • Carole Hogan: An investigation of the Learning Strategies used by managers to learn in the workplace.
  • Helen Kwan: An Intergenerational Inquiry into the Perceptions and Experiences of Education and Learning of Chinese Post-Graduate Students and their Parents.
  • Alexandra Kaoni: The Impact of Engaging in Lifelong Learning on the Work and Life of Women in Greece.
  • Dale Sheptak: Training Volunteer Workers: An Ethnographic Study on the Role of Training on Volunteer Workers’ Job Satisfaction in the Sports Industry.
  • Robert King: Helping the Helpers: What factors contribute to health and wellness for front line staff within a public sector social services work environment?
  • Eimer Sparham: Breadwinning Mothers: The Lived Realities of Work and Home.
  • Rita Singh: The Conceptualization and Experiences of Work-life Balance: A Case Study of Employees at a University in Hong Kong.
  • Yuko Kimura:  Approaches to learning of Japanese managers.


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