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John Cromby

Professor of Psychology

Contact details

  • Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1971
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  • Office: Room 321, Level Three, Ken Edwards Building
  • Office hours: By appointment (please email)

Personal details

I have a first degree in psychology from Loughborough University and a PhD from the University of Nottingham Medical School.

I have taught at the Universities of Nottingham, Bradford and Loughborough, where I ran a large undergraduate psychology programme.

I am a former co-editor of the journal ‘Subjectivity’ and co-authored the book ‘Psychology, Mental Health and Distress’ which was a British Psychological Society Book of the Year in 2014.


  • MN3126 Cyberpsychology at work
  • MN2103 Research Methods
  • MN7019 Managing Information: technology and systems

Administrative responsibilities

  • Head of Division - Innovation, Technology and Operations


My research is united by a constant concern with the ways in which bodies and social influences interact. This has meant engaging with topics including emotionality in the meetings of community organisations, with social and material determinants of mental health in various settings, and with the production and uptake of knowledge by neuroscience, epigenetics and the biosciences generally.


I am prepared to consider supervising PhD projects relating to any of my major areas of research, but currently, I have a particular preference for projects engaging with

  • affect, feeling or emotion
  • mental health


Recent authored books

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: towards the identification of patterns in emotional distress, unusual experiences and troubled or troubling behaviour, as an alternative to functional psychiatric diagnosis” Johnstone, L. & Boyle, M. with Cromby, J., Dillon, J., Harper, D., Kinderman, P., Longden, E., Pilgrim, D. & Read, J. (2018) Leicester: British Psychological Society

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: overview” Johnstone, L. & Boyle, M. with Cromby, J., Dillon, J., Harper, D., Kinderman, P., Longden, E., Pilgrim, D. & Read, J. (2018) Leicester: British Psychological Society

“Feeling Bodies: embodying psychology” Cromby, J. (2015) London, Palgrave

“Psychology, Mental Health and Distress” Cromby, J., Harper, D. & Reavey, P. (2013) London, Palgrave.

Recent edited books

“The Handbook of Biology and Society” Meloni, M., Cromby, J., Fitzgerald, D. & Lloyd, S. (2018) London, Palgrave

How best to go on? Prospects for a Modern synthesis in the Sciences of the mind” Moore, K. & Cromby, J., Eds., (2016) Frontiers e-book, ISBN 9782889199068

“Joint Action: essays in honour of John Shotter” Corcoran, T. & Cromby, J., Eds., (2016) London, Routledge

Selected recent journal papers

“Reviewing the epigenetics of schizophrenia” Cromby, J., Chung, E., Papadopoulos, D. & Talbot, C. Journal of Mental Health, online first at DOI: 10.1080/09638237.2016.1207229

“Shotter’s Legacy” Cromby, J.  & Corcoran, T. (2017) History and Philosophy of Psychology 18,1: 27-35

“New Perspectives on ’The Body in Pain’” Van Ommen, C., Cromby, J. & Yen, J. (2016) Subjectivity 9,4: 333-342

“On the Road to Nowhere?” Cromby, J., Diamond, B., Kelly, P., Moloney, P., Priest, P. & Soffe-Caswell, J./ The Midlands Psychology Group (2016) Self and Society 44, 2: 94-103.

“Developing Schizophrenia” Cromby, J. (2016) Theory & Psychology 26, 5: 607-619

“Affect – or feeling? After Leys” (50%) Cromby, J. & Willis, M.E.H. (2016) Theory & Psychology 26,4: 476-495

“Social Epigenetics: a science of social science?” Chung, E., Cromby, J., Papadopoulos, D. & Tufarelli, C. (2016) Sociological Review Monographs 64,1: 168-185

“Interdisciplinarity: reconciling the irreconcilable?” Cromby, J. (2015) Canadian Medical Association Journal, 187,13: 998-9

“Analytical Pluralism in Qualitative Research: a meta-study” Clarke, N., Willis, M.E.H., Barnes, J. Caddick, N., Cromby, J., McDermott, H. & Wiltshire, G. (2014) Qualitative Research in Psychology 12,2: 182-201

“Publicly Different, Privately the Same: gender differences and similarities in response to Facebook status updates” Joiner, R., Stewart, C., Beaney, C., Moon, A., Maras, P., Guiller, J., Gregory, H., Gavin, J., Cromby, J. and Brosnan, M. (2014) Computers in Human Behaviour 39: 165-169.

“Nudging into Subjectification: governmentality and psychometrics” Cromby, J. & Willis, M. (2014) Critical Social Policy 34, 2: 241-259

“Comparing first and second generation digital native’s internet use, internet anxiety and internet identification” Joiner, R., Gavin, J., Brosnan, M., Cromby, J., Gregory, H., Guiller, J., Maras, P. & Moon, A. (2013) Cyberpsychology, Behaviour & Social Networking 16,7: 549-552

“Human Rights and Intellectual Disabilities in an era of ‘choice’” Fyson, R. & Cromby, J. (2013) Journal of Intellectual Disabilities Research 57,12: 1164-1172

Selected recent book chapters

“Ten Strategies for Teaching Psychology Critically” Cromby, J. (2017) in C. Newnes & L.Golding “Teaching Critical Psychology: international perspectives” p.26-49

“Psychology as Practical Biopolitics” Cromby, J., Diamond, B., Kelly, P., Moloney, P., Priest, P., Smail, D & Soffe-Caswell, J./The Midlands Psychology Group (2016) in J.Pykett, R.Jones & M.Whitehead (eds.) “Psychological Governance and Public Policy: governing the mind, brain and behaviour” p. 75-95

“With Feeling” Cromby, J. (2016) in T.Corcoran & J.Cromby (eds.) ‘Joint Action’ p.120-137 London: Routledge

“Refracting John Shotter”  (2016) in T.Corcoran & J.Cromby (eds.) ‘Joint Action’ p.1-9 London: Routledge

“Public Talk about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Cromby, J. (2015) in C.Ward (ed.) “Meanings of M.E.: interpersonal and social dimensions of chronic fatigue” p.129-150. London: Palgrave

“Biological and Evolutionary Psychologies” Cromby, J. (2015) in I.Parker (ed.) “Handbook of Critical Psychology” p.52-60. London: Routledge

“Feeling Bodies: analyzing the unspeakability of death” Cromby, J. & Phillips, A. (2014) in N.Carpentier & L. van Brussel, (eds.) “The Social Construction of Death: interdisciplinary perspectives” p.52-72, London: Palgrave

“Paranoia: contested and contextualized” Cromby, J. & Harper, D. (2013) in S.Coles, B.Diamond & S.Keenan (eds.) ‘Psychosis in Context’. p.23-41, Ross-on-Wye, PCCS Books

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