Dr Jesse Matheson

Associate Professor of Economics

Jesse Matheson

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  • Tel: 0116 252 2494
  • Email: jm464@le.ac.uk
  • Office: AC118, Astley Clarke Building
  • Office hours: Monday and Tuesday 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm


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Personal Details

I am an Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Leicester. My primary research objective is to understand how social and economic context influences individual consumption choice and behavior. Specifically, to what extent do the decisions made by others influence our decisions? My work explores the implications that this has for economic theory, measurement and policy. I am also interested in the effect of public policy and policy design on population health and well-being.



Broadly speaking my research interests are in applied econometrics and applied microeconomics with a specific focus on two areas:

Economics of Health: A wide variety of topics related to health provision, health outcomes and consumer choice (particularly when addictive goods are present). Previous work looks at the unintended consequences of economic policy on health outcomes and what this relationship tells us about how effective is a policy and how to improve policy design.

Peer/Social Effects: This is an area of key interest, both empirically and theoretically. As economists we have a great deal to learn about the influence that social environment has on individual behavior. The implications of this issue are far reaching, impacting research in consumer choice, policy design (education, health, labour, etc.), and aggregation. There are also potentially important implications for research in population happiness/well-being.

Working Papers

"Access to secondary school and teenage childbearing", (with M. Foureaux-Koppensteiner) 2018, updated January 2018.

"Project 360: An intervention to address victim-police engagement in repeat domestic violence cases", (with M. Foureaux-Koppensteiner and R. Plugor) 2017. This is a link to the policy report based on our evaluation. Academic paper forthcoming.

Published Papers

"Teaching by example and induced beliefs in a model of cultural transmission", (with F. Adriani and S. Sonderegger) 2017, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming. Supplementary material.

"A simple model of homophily in social networks", (with S. Currarini and F. Vega Redondo) 2016, European Economic Review, 90, 18–39. Working version.

"Prices and social behavior: Evidence from adult smoking in Canadian Aboriginal communities", 2015, Canadian Journal of Economics, 48(5), 1661–1693. Working version.

“Addiction” (with C. Auld), 2014, The Encyclopedia of Health Economics, , ed. A.J. Culyer.

Resource allocation, affluence and deadweight loss when relative consumption matters" (with B.C. Eaton), 2013, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 91, 159–178.

Women respondents report higher household food insecurity than do men in similar Canadian households” (with L. McIntyre), 2013, Public Health Nutrition, 17(1), 40–48.

"Should income transfers be targeted or universal?" Insights from public pension influences on elderly mortaility in Canada, 1921–1966" (with Herb Emery), 2012,Canadian Journal of Economics 45(1), 247–269

"Evidence of the association between food insecurity and heating cost inflation in Canada, 1998-2001" (with A. Bartoo, H. Emery, A. Ferrer, S. Kirkpatrick, V. Tarasuk, and L. McIntyre) Canadian Public Policy 2012, 38(2), 181–215

PhD Supervision

  • Melissa Williams, 1st Supervisor
  • Barbara Boggiano, 1st Supervisor
  • Yaya Saidou Jallow, 2nd Supervisor
  • Haige Yuan, 2nd Supervisor
  • Maria Psyllou, 2nd Supervisor
  • Eric Akobeng, 1st Supervisor (Completed January 2017)
  • Olukorede Abiona, 2nd Supervisor (Completed in 2016)
  • Joseph Ajefu, 1st Supervisor (Completed August 2015)
  • Johan Rewilak, 2nd Supervisor (Completed 2013)

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