Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire

Associate Professor in Cultural Production and Consumption

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  • Tel: +44 (0)116 294 4691
  • Office: Room 020, Fielding Johnson Building
  • Office hours: Semester 1 at Brookfield, Mallard GF 0.05, 11.15 am - 1.00 pm

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Jennifer has a BA of Arts and Science and an MA in Sociology from McMaster University (Canada), and a PhD in Sociology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Jennifer joined the University of Leicester in 2003; prior to becoming a member of the School in 2013, she was a lecturer in the Department of Media and Communication, and prior to that in the Department of Sociology.




My research focuses on the intersection of processes of cultural production and consumption in the construction of markets, tastes and value. Major areas of interest include:

  • cultural intermediaries as taste makers and key market actors in the cultural economy of goods and the study of consumption as a cultural field;
  • the production and consumption of provenance as a form of value in the cultural fields of super-premium wine, craft beer and local food;
  • the construction of new regimes of good taste in contemporary urban China;
  • the commercial fitness field, and the construction of the value of the fit body.

I am part of the leadership team of the University of Leicester’s CAMEo: the Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies; co-leader of the 'Craft and the Artisanal' research cluster of the Drinking Studies Network; and Chair (2018-19) of the American Sociology Association Consumer and Consumption Section.


Current PhD studentsQicong Zhang (provenance and the Chinese cultural production and consumption of luxury goods; PhD, full time)); Héla Hassen (gift exchange and digital food media; PhD full time); David Cockayne (the practices and performativity of football marketers); Janice Turner (athlete and the Ironman brand community).

Recent completions: Thomas Rowell (the pub experience: mapping the intangibles of the Everards service brand (funded MPhil, full time)); Fawn Harrad (the watering hole: the social ecology of consumption in Everards’ public houses (funded MPhil, full time)); Helen Goworek (product development and sustainable consumption in the clothing market); Jennifer Cole (the cultural production and consumption of thrift in food magazines (PhD); Hyewon Choo (the cultural production and consumption of the fit body in South Korea (PhD).


Selected publications

(Open Access versions of articles are available in the Leicester Research Archive; ORCID id 0000-0002-8990-2371)

Smith Maguire, J. 2019. [accepted for publication] Media Representations of the Nouveaux Riches and the Cultural Constitution of the Global Middle Class. Cultural Politics. 15(1).

Smith Maguire, J. 2019. [in press] Natural wine and the globalization of a taste for provenance. In D. Inglis & A. Almila (Eds) The Globalization of Wine: The Transnationalization and Localization of Production and Pleasure. London: Bloomsbury.

Spielmann, N., Smith Maguire, J. & Charters, S. 2018. Product Patriotism: How Consumption Practices Make and Maintain National Identity. Journal of Business Research. Online first; in press.

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Smith Maguire, J., Bain, J., Davies, A., Touri, M. (2017) Storytelling and Market Formation: An Exploration of Microbrewers in the UK. In:
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Smith Maguire, J. 2015. Aesthetics as market devices: Taste as a logic of and for practice in the natural wine market. Paper for the 'Everyday Aesthetics and the Cultural Industries in a Globalizing World' research workshop, University of Amsterdam, 20-21 August.

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