Professor James Fitchett

Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research

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  • Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1218
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  • Office: Room 0.09, Mallard House, Brookfield
  • Office hours: Friday 10.00 am - 12:00 noon or by appointment (please email)

Personal details

I am Head of the Department of Marketing, Innovation, Strategy and Operations (MISO). My research interests focus on marketing theory, cultural theory of markets and consumption, tourism and sustainability, the history of marketing thought, and the philosophy of marketing. I am an associate editor of Marketing Theory (Sage).


  • MN7010 Principles of Marketing
  • MN7404 Marketing Management
  • MN7042 Advanced issues in Marketing
  • MN7020 Marketing Dissertation (MSc Marketing)


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Book chapters

Fitchett, J. (2020) Dystopia. In: Bradshaw, A. and Hietanen, J. (eds.) The Dictionary of Coronavirus Culture. Repeater Books.

Martin, D., Lindberg, F. and Fitchett, J. (2019) Why Can’t They Behave? Theorizing Consumer Misbehavior as Regime Misfit between Neoliberal and Nordic Welfare Models: In: Askegaard, S. and Östberg, J. (Eds.) Nordic Consumer Culture: State, Market and Consumers Palgrave Macmillan, pp.71-94.

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Patsiaouras, G., and Fitchett, J.A, (2013) Veblen and Darwin: tracing the intellectual roots of evolutionism in consumer research. in Expanding Disciplinary Space: On the Potential of Critical Marketing. Edited by Douglas Brownlie, Paul Hewer, Mark Tadajewski. Routledge – Key Issues in Marketing-Management. pp. 240.

Conference presentations

Fitchett, J. “CCT: Or fairy tale about when sociology went to Disneyland”, Special session: Disneyland Heteroglossia and Heterotopia, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, UCI Paul Merage School of Business California, July 2017.

Lambert, A., Fitchett, J. and Nölke, A. EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop, University of Stockholm, “Is there a future for Interpretive Consumer Research in the shadow of ‘silent’ majorities? The case of ‘Women Against Feminism’, May 2017.

Fitchett, J. and Davies A. EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop, University of Edinburgh (April 2015). The struggle for symbolic power in Interpretive Consumer Research EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop, University of Edinburgh, April 2015


Fitchett, J.A (2014) Foreword to Consumer Credit Trends, An Analysis of Trends in Consumer Mortgage, Credit Card and Other Borrowing 1990 – 2013, Verum Research.

Speaker presentations and keynote addresses

“Imagining a Neoliberal Sociology: Myth and ideology in consumer culture theory”, University of Stockholm, 2016

“Marketing and Neoliberalism” Aalto University, Helsinki, May 2015

“Marketing and The New Nordic” Royal Holloway University of London Seminar Series, May 2015

“Ideology, Symbolic Power and Consumption” Université de Lille-SKEMA Business School, April 2015

“Marketing and the Neoliberal Sociology” University of Bath Seminar Series, February 2015

“Marketing Ideology and Consumer Culture Theory” University of Essex Seminar Series, February 2015

Consultancy and partnerships with business and media

I have over 10 years’ experience working with partners in the UK automotive industry on sales training initiatives, marketing development and consumer experience programmes. Partners include BMW UK, The Sytner Group, and Guy Salmon Land Rover. See ULSB Working In Partnership (2017) for more information.

Leicester Business Festival 2017:  Building customer relationships, delivering value and articulating benefits in the age of distance, November 2017

BBC Ideas: Why do we have so much stuff? (2019)

Research projects

Sustainability, Citizenship and Consumer Culture: Northern Insight, Collaborative Partnership with University of Nordland, Norway (funded by University of Norland, Norway), 2015 – 2018

Seminar Series (with Professor Mike Saren): Marketplace Exclusion: Representations, Resistances and Responses, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Seminar 1: The In-Betweeners: Unrepresented Consumers in Marketing Theory and Practice, Stamford Court, University of Leicester, 2014.

The Costs of Culture Seminar (with Professor Carl Rhodes): funded by the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies, Developing the Management Studies Community Seminar Programme, University of Leicester, 14-15 May 2013

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