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  • Office: Room 0.09, Mallard House, Brookfield
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Personal details

I have held positions in marketing at the University of Stirling, University of Exeter, and Nottingham University Business School before joining the University of Leicester School of Management in 2004. I'm also one of the University's plagiarism officers. I co-edited the Journal of Consumer Behaviour (2006-2010) and am currently associate editor for Marketing Theory.

Speaker presentations and keynote addresses

  • Consumer Culture Theory Roundtable, Royal Holloway University of London, September 2013
  • In the family way: bringing a mother-daughter (matrilineal) perspective to retail innovation and consumer culture, (with Dr Andrea Davies) University of Liverpool, February 2014
  • Keynote: Marketing and Ideology, Royal Holloway University of London, March 2011
  • Our Hero in History: Critical Marketing Research for an Ideology of the Consumer (with Dr Andrea Davies) Bournemouth Media School, Emerging Consumer Cultures Research Group. September 2010.
  • Discourse and Consumer Research: An Unfinished Project (with Dr Ai Ling Lai) Research presentation at School of Business and Economics, University of Exeter, January 2011
  • Teaching

    Administrative responsibilities

    • Head of Division - Marketing


    Markets are complex entities and marketing management is a core aspect of the way that markets form and operate.

    My research is part of a growing movement that aims to examine the nature of markets and marketing and their consequences in terms of business practices and performance, as well as broader social, political and cultural consequences.

    My current research focuses in on critical readings of marketing management and consumer research. I have recently been involved with collaborative projects examining the history and theory of emotion and consumption, relationship marketing, and consumer enchantment. I tend to apply qualitative and interpretive methodologies with much of my current research adopting a discourse analytical approach.



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    Book chapters

    Patsiaouras, G., and Fitchett, J.A, (2013) Veblen and Darwin: tracing the intellectual roots of evolutionism in consumer research. in Expanding Disciplinary Space: On the Potential of Critical Marketing. Edited by Douglas Brownlie, Paul Hewer, Mark Tadajewski. Routledge – Key Issues in Marketing-Management. pp. 240.


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