Full Listing of Publications

The Relevant PhD (with G Lightfoot) New York : Peter Lang (forthcoming, 2013).

The Future of Postformalism in Pedagogy (ed. with S Steinberg & H Jansen) New York : Peter Lang (forthcoming).

L’art du sens dans les organizations (eds. with J-L Moriceau, M-A Theule) Quebec CDN : PUL  Les Presses de l'Université Laval (forthcoming April 2014).

Belief & Organization, London Palgrave (ed. with P Case & H Hopfl), 2012.

Coherence in the Midst of Complexity: Advances in Social Complexity Theory (with M Lissack), New York: MacMillan-Palgrave (publication, (UK) December 2011/ (USA) January 2012).

“The man in the black hat” (with R Kaulingfreks and G Lightfoot reprinted in Organizations and Popular Culture 2012 (eds S Lilley K Rhodes).

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“De crisis in de performatieve pedagogiek” in Hersteld Vertrouwen (2011) Hans Jansen & Jan Brandsma (eds) Amersfoort: Agiel pp 51-62.

“A Psychological (Lacanian) Ethics of Management:  A Case from the Elderly Care” in From Critique to Action: the practical ethics of the organisational world (2011) David Weir and Nabil Sultan (eds) Cambridge Scholars Publishing pp 88-105.

« A complexity experiment in dialogue » in Dance to the Music of Story D Boje and K Baskin eds. (2011)  AZ : Emergent Publications & Charlotte NC : IAP.

Guest editor ““The Marriage of Story & Metaphor” (with Yiannis Gabriel and Daniel Geiger) December 2011, Culture & Organization vol 17 no 5, pp 367-371.

“Live Metaphor” Culture & Organization vol 17 no 5 pp 389-401 (2011).

"Polyphony and its other" Organization Studies vol 31 no 3 pp 261-277 (March 2010).

Praktijkgericht onderzoek in de praktijk  (Maart, 2010) (with C Kuiper & L Houwling) Den Haag: Lemma.

“Maar is het wetenschappelijk onderzoek?” in  Praktijkgericht onderzoek in de praktijk, (Maart, 2010) (with C Kuiper & L Houwling) pp 119-132, Den Haag: Lemma.

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“HBO: de nieuwe universiteit? (The new university)” Tijdschrift voor Orthopedagogiek (with H Jansen) vol 49 no 4, pp 130-149. (maart, 2010)

Case Studies: the elderly” Handbook of Case Studies London: Sage (2009).

“Chiasms” (2009) in Un/ owing Bodies J Latimer & M Schillmeier eds. London: WileyBlackwell, pp 63-84.

« Ethik der ‘Einfuhlung’ als radikale Beziehungsstruktur » in Recht Okonomie und Ethik (2009) G Funke & R Kuhn (eds)  Freiburg : Alber-Verlag pp 141-161.

Guest editor E:CO "Complexity/Ecology" (with Kevin Dooley) (2009).

Guest editor (with Peter Pelzer) (special number) "From motivation to Melville and back again"  Society Business Review (June 2009).

"Introduction: From motivation to Melville and back again" (with Peter Pelzer) Society Business Review (June 2009).

“The dark side of organizational knowing” E:CO vol 11 no 3 (2009).

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“The dark side of organizational knowing” E:CO vol 11 no 4, pp xx-xx (2009).

“Affordances” (with M Lissack) E:CO vol 11 no 3 pp 61-72 (2009).

“Liedership – Songs that are (un-)sung” RSDG no 65 (May, 2008) pp 221-236.

Making Healthcare Care (Sepember, 2008) Charlotte NC : IAP. (Japanese translation 2013).

“Aging, Micro-Sociology versus Globalization” QHW (International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being) no 22  (2008) pp 195-203.

« AI op de schop » (2008) in  Waarderend organiseren R. Masselink eds. Amsterdam : Gelling/Reed Business pp 207-215.

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Guest editor (special number) Revue Sciences de Gestion  no 55 (2006; appeared 2007) “Listening, Noise & Silence”.

Guest editor (special number) Critical Perspectives on International Business vol 2 no 3 « Critical management Studies in the Netherlands » (September 2006).

Co-editor (with S Lilley, G Lightfoot) special number of Culture & Organization on Darwinism & Organization.  (December 2006).

“Listening” (2006, appeared 2007)  Revue Sciences de Gestion  vol. no. 55 pp 115-132.

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Guest editor special number Culture & Organization (2005) vol 11 no 4 “Artaud & Melancholy.”

“Evoking Metis” (with Matt Stattler) (2005) Culture & Organization vol 11 no 1 pp 1 – 16.

“Picture Melancoly” (2005) Culture & Organization vol 11 no 4 pp 291-304.

“Introduction: Artaud, the real and the melancholy” (2005) Culture & Organization vol 11 no 4 pp 233-234.

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“Lyotard & Organization” (2004) in Postmodernism & Organization, S Linstead ed, Sage.

“Baudrillard and Organization” (2004) in  Postmodernism & Organization, S Linstead ed, Sage.

Co-Chair workshop: CMS.NL UvH Utrecht April 2004; co-editor special number of filosofie in bedrijf.

‘Text(s) from place, space and nonplace’ (2003) (reprinted in) Text/Work London: Routledge pp 109-137.

“Vertrouwen’ specificiteit en individualiteit” Humanistiek (2003) no 14 vol 4 pp 42-50.

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Co-editor (with H Hopfl) & Introduction “Documenting the Organization in Film and Videotape” special number of Journal of Organizational Change Management on Change, Video & Film (2002) vol 15 no 1 pp 7 –10.

“Dyslogistic Information Ecologies” (with L v Mens) Management Learning vol 34 no 3 (2002) pp 329-347.

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“Phenomenal Complexity Theory the Politics of Organization” Emergence (2002) vol 3 no 4 pp 5-26 (with a reaction from David Boje pp 26-31).

“Viagra(ization) or Techno-Romanticism” (September 2002) Consumption Markets & Culture vol 5 no 3 pp. 247-260.

“Spelen met Human Performance Improvement” Opleiding & Ontwikkeling, (2002)

"Prostitution as a Male Object of Epistemological Pain” (with Lucie v Mens)  Gender Work & Organization, (April 2002) vol 9 no 2 pp 167-185.

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pp 433 – 453.

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