Dr Francisco Martinez Mora

Lecturer in Economics

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BSc, MSc, PhD

Curriculum Vitae


Intermediate Microeconomics

Economics of Education

Administrative responsibilities

Internal REF output reviewer


  • Applied Economic Theory
  • Applied Game Theory
  • Political Economy
  • Matching Theory
  • Economics of Education
  • Local Public Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • Research papers can be downloaded via RePEc.


    I am interested in supervising research students with an interest in Applied Theory or broadly in any of the areas mentioned in my research interests.


    School Choice Design, Risk Aversion and Cardinal Segregation (Caterina Calsamiglia, Francisco Martinez-Mora and Antonio Miralles), The Economic Journal, Forthcoming.

    The Political Economy of Higher Education Admission Standards and Participation Gap (Philippe De Donder and Francisco Martinez-Mora), Journal of Public Economics, Volume 154, October 2017, pp. 1-9.

    The Desegregating Effect of School Tracking (Gianni De Fraja and Francisco Martinez-Mora), Journal of Urban Economics, Volume 80, 2014, pp. 164-177.

    The Determinants and Electoral Consequences of Asymmetric Preferences (Francisco Martinez-Mora and Socorro Puy), European Journal of Political Economy, Volume 33, 2014, pp. 85-97.

    Asymmetric Single-Peaked Preferences (Francisco Martinez-Mora and Socorro Puy), B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, Volume 12, Issue 1, 2012.

    An Empirical Enquiry into the Impact of Urban Planning on City Growth (Francisco Martinez-Mora and F. J. Sáez-Fernández), European Planning Studies, Volume 17, 5, pp. 791-811,  May 2009.

    The Existence of Non-Elite Private Schools (Francisco Martinez-Mora), Journal of Public Economics, Volume 90, Issues 8-9, pages 1505-1518, September 2006.

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