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Associate Professor of Organisation StudiesElke Weik

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  • Tel: +44 (0) 116 252 5318
  • Email: e.weik@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 327, Level 3, Ken Edwards Building
  • Office hours: By appointment only (please email)

Personal details

I have a double degree from the University of Mannheim, Germany, in Business Studies, Philosophy, and Spanish Literature. Working at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany, since 1993, I completed my PhD in organisation studies on theories of time, change and transformation in 1997 and my habilitation on structure, agency and novelty in organisation theory in 2008. I joined the School in 2007.

Administrative responsibilities

Plagiarism Officer


Foundations of Management (BA Management Studies)

Critical Perspectives on Management (MSc Management campus-based)

Research Philosophy (DL PhD)


Most recent publications

Weik, Elke (2016): "Goethe and the Study of Life. A Comparison with Husserl and Simmel". Continental Philosophy Review. Open access http://rdcu.be/kwor

Weik, Elke (online first): “Switching labels: The role of Weberian ideas in market change. A case study of the German wine market.” Culture and Organization. 1-22

Weik, Elke (2015): “A Return to the Enduring Features of Institutions: A Process Ontology of Reproduction and Endurance”. Philosophy of the Social Sciences. 45(3). 291-314.

Weik, Elke (2014): “The Market for Academic Knowledge: Its Historical Emergence and Inherent Tensions”. British Journal of Educational Studies. 62(4). 431-447 .

Parker, Martin/Weik, Elke (2014): “Free Spirits. The Academic on the Aeroplane”. Management Learning. 45(2). 167-181.

Weik, Elke (2014): „Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz“. In: Jenny Helin, Tor Hernes, Daniel Hjorth, and Robin Holt: The Oxford Handbook of Process Philosophy and Organization Studies. Oxford University Press. 94-110.

Weik, Elke (2012): Introducing ‘The Creativity of Action’ Into Institutionalist Theory. M@n@gement, 15(5), 563-581.

Weik, Elke (2011): “In Deep Water Process Theory Between Scylla and Charybdis“. Organization. 18(5). 655–672.

Weik, Elke (2011): “Institutional Entrepreneurship and Agency“. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour. 41(4). 461-488.

Weik, Elke (2011): “The Emergence of the University. A Case Study of the Founding of the University of Paris from a Neo-Institutionalist Perspective”. Management and Organizational History. 6(3). 287-310.

Weik, Elke (2010): “Bourdieu and Leibniz. Mediated Dualisms“. The Sociological Review 58(3). 486-496.


Due to my multidisciplinary background, I am interested in a broad range of topics and in multifaceted approaches. Basically, I can be interested in anything as long as it can be translated into a theoretical problem. In my own work, I employ organisation theories, social theories, and philosophical work on ontology and epistemology. My most recent research projects include work on Goethe, Institutional Theory, Economic Sociology and Process Theories in Organization Studies. I have conducted empirical research on institutional logics in perinatal healthcare, the constitution of the German and English wine market and the establishment of the market for academic knowledge in the Middle Ages.

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