Dr Massimo Giovanardi

Lecturer in Marketing

Contact detailsDr Massimo Giovanardi

  • Tel: +44 (0)116 223 1912
  • Email: mg349@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 1.05, First Floor, Mallard, Brookfield
  • Office hours: By appointment only (please email)

Personal details

My arrival at the School is the final stage of a long journey that took me from Italy, the country in which I grew up and completed a PhD in Sociology of Cultural Phenomena (University of Urbino), through Sweden, where I did my post-doc and taught Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Management and Public Marketing (Stockholm Business School).

During these years, I have also collected several work experiences as Public Relations Account Executive and Event Marketing Manager for the tourism industry and brand entertainment. I seek to combine my interest for research and teaching with my activity as a composer, guitarist and songwriter, being particularly passionate for the music of Brazil.


  • MN7014 Marketing Places: Tourism and Beyond
  • MN7404 Marketing Management
  • MN7010 Principles of Marketing


During my PhD training and my post-doc experience I developed an expertise in the study of ‘place branding’ – an umbrella term for research in place marketing, destination image and place-of-origin effect. More broadly, my research approach takes sociological perspectives to understand the processes whereby places are marketed, communicated and consumed. Tourism places have received a particular attention in my recent research experiences.

My research has so far provided multiple illustrations of how, on the one hand, spatial and public contexts are changed by the marketing philosophy and, on the other hand, how marketing philosophy is in turn altered when applied to spatial and public realms. My doctoral thesis and the articles I have published emphasise different aspects of this two-fold relationship: the problematic but crucial involvement of local communities in heritage-based marketing projects (Giovanardi, 2011) and participatory destination marketing (Giovanardi et al., 2013); the peculiarities of regional branding as compared to traditional commercial branding (Giovanardi et al., 2013); the interconnectedness between symbolic and functional elements in place brands (Giovanardi, 2012); the complex and often uneven interweaving of marketing practices undertaken by stakeholders at different administrative levels (Giovanardi, 2014).


PhD Students currently supervised:

  • Selen Mesutoglu (national identity and country reputation in EU contested regions)
  • Thomas Leicht (scaling and spatial perspectives in place branding)
  • Hernán Borquez Jorquera (place branding and sustainability in emerging tourist markets)

I would also welcome research proposals revolving around the following subjects:

  • Place/City Marketing and Branding
  • Destination Marketing and Branding
  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
  • Place Image and Identity
  • Tourism Studies
  • Sociology of Tourism
  • Consumption of Space/Place


Main publications

Giovanardi, M. and Lucarelli, A. (2018). Sailing through marketing: A critical assessment of spatiality in marketing literature. Journal of Business Research, 82, 149-159.

Kavaratzis, M., Lichrou M. and Giovanardi, M. (Eds, 2018). Inclusive Placed Branding: Critical Perspectives in Theory and Practice, Routledge.

Giovanardi, M. Lichrou, M and Kavaratzis, M (2018). Critical  Perspectives in on Place Marketing. In Tadajewski, M., Higgins, M.,  Denegri-Knott, J, & Varman, R (eds.) The Routledge Companion to  Critical Marketing, Routledge, forthcoming.

Hassen, I., and Giovanardi, M. (2017). The difference of ‘being diverse’: City branding and multiculturalism in the ‘Leicester Model’. Cities, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cities.2017.06.019

Goulart Sztejnberg, R., &  Giovanardi, M. (2017). The ambiguity of place branding consultancy:  working with stakeholders in Rio de Janeiro. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(5-6), 421-445.

Rabbiosi, C., and Giovanardi, M. (2017). Rediscovering the “Urban” in Two Italian Tourist Coastal Cities. In Pasquinelli, C & Bellini, N. (Eds.) Tourism in the City (pp. 247-258). Springer International Publishing.

Lucarelli, A., & Giovanardi, M.  (2016). The political nature of brand governance: a discourse analysis  approach to a regional brand building process. Journal of Public Affairs, 16(1), 16-27.

Giovanardi, M. (2015). A multi-scalar approach to place branding: The 150th anniversary of Italian unification in Turin. European Planning Studies, 23(3), 597-615.

Hytti, U., Kuoppakangas, P., Suomi K., Chapleo C. and Giovanardi, M. (2015) Challenges in delivering brand promise – focusing on municipal healthcare organisations. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 28:3, pp.254-272.

Florek, M., and Giovanardi, M. (2015). Sustainability, liveability and connectivity. Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol 8. No. 3 [special issue editorial]

Giovanardi, M., Lucarelli, A. and L’Espoir Decosta, P. (2014)  Co-performing Tourism: the Pink Night Festival of the Romagna Riviera, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 44 No. 1, pp. 102–115.

Giovanardi, M, Lucarelli, A. and Pasquinelli, C.(2013) Towards brand  ecology: An analytical semiotic framework for interpreting the emergence  of place brands, Marketing Theory, Vol. 13 No. 3, pp. 365–383.

Giovanardi, M.(2012)  Haft and sord factors in place branding: between functionalism and representationalism; Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 30-45.

Giovanardi, M. (2011) Producing and Consuming The Painter Raphael’s Birthplace; Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 53-66.

Refereed conference papers

Giovanardi, M., L’Espoir Decosta, P. and Lucarelli, A. (2014) Challenges in destination branding: a cross-case study of three Italian tourist destinations; paper to be presented at the 4th International Conference on Tourism Management and related issues, Rome, 18-19 September.

Kuoppakangas et al. (2014) Challenges in delivering brand promise - focusing on municipal health care organisations; paper to be presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 1-5 August.

Giovanardi, M and Lucarelli, A. (2014) The Polymorphous nature of place branding: a comparison of Turin and Stockholm; paper presented at the Macromarketing Conference, London, 2-5 July.

Giovanardi, M. Lucarelli, A. (2013) The polymorphous nature of place branding: a comparison of Stockholm and Turin; paper presented at the 22nd Nordic Academy of Management Conference, Reykjavík, 21 - 23 August

Giovanardi, M. (2013) Branding nested places: the 150th anniversary of Italian unification in Turin; The Business of Places: Critical, Practical and Pragmatic Perspectives; 95-106; The Institute of Place Management – Manchester Metropolitan University; Manchester (UK).

Giovanardi, M. (2011) Haft and Sord Factors in Place Branding: between functionalism and representationalism; Brand, Identity and Reputation: Exploring, Creating New Realities and Fresh Perspective on Multi-Sensory Experience;136-138; Academy of Marketing / Kogan Page; London; Said Business School -  University of Oxford.

Giovanardi, M., Lucarelli, A. and Bjorner, E. (2011) The Pink Night of the Romagna Coastal Region: co-creating events and destination branding; Proceedings of EIASM International Conference on Tourism Management and Tourism Related Issues; EIASM; Rimini (Italy).

Other conference contributions

Giovanardi, M. (2014) Who’s under my umbrella? The multiplicity of place brands and its implications for place managers; paper presented at the 1st conference DIRECTIONS; European Design Institute, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); October 17th.

Giovanardi, M. (2014) Beyond place branding conventional wisdom; presentation given at the 3rd TEDxRio Metropole; Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); August 12th.

Giovanardi, M. (2013) Challenges in branding cities through events: A cross-case study of three Italian festivals; paper presented at the 2nd City Branding Symposium; Beijing (China); October 23rd-25th.

Giovanardi, M. and Lucarelli, A. (2013) The spatial and temporal nature of place branding: a discourse analysis approach; paper presented at the 4th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management: Strategic Marketing of Cities, Regions and Nations”; Aosta (Italy); September 9th-10th.

Giovanardi, M. and Caboni, F. (2013) A tale of a place, a tale of a brand: the case of Cantina Mesa winery; paper presented at the 4th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management: Strategic Marketing of Cities, Regions and Nations”; Aosta (Italy); September 9th-10th.

Giovanardi, M. and Lucarelli, A. (2013) The spatial practices of consumption: between consumption and space; paper presented at the 7th EIASM Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research; Brussels (Belgium); April 11th-12th.

Giovanardi, M, Lucarelli, A. and Pasquinelli, C. (2012) Regional “Branding”: the Case of Three Italian Regions; paper presented at the International Place Branding Conference (special edition); Utrecht (Netherlands); January 20th-21st.

Giovanardi, M. (2011) Raphael and Urbino: Production and Consumption of an Urban Marketing Event; paper presented at the 2° International Place Branding Conference, Bogotà (Colombia), January 20th-22nd.

Giovanardi, M. (2010) Producing and consuming the painter Raphael’s Birthplace: an example of
non-contested place branding?; paper presented at the 1° Nordic Urban Workshop, University of Örebro; Örebro (Sweden); October, 15th-16th.


I seek to divulgate my research findings to the general public, mostly on the blog “In Loco”. Among others:

“With or without Sun: if Italian hoteliers sue the weathermen…”

“Place Branding in Italy. “4th International Colloquium on Place Brand Management: Strategic Marketing of Cities, Regions and Nations” – Aosta (Italy) – Post-conference thoughts”.

“’My Destination’: technology, tourism and franchising”.

“VIVA RANIERI!” Italian academics and football-related identities.

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