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I am an Associate Professor in the University of Leicester School of Business. I have previously held a professorial position at RMIT University in Australia and senior academic appointments at the universities of Exeter and York in the UK. I have held a variety of academic leadership roles during my career, across research and teaching and learning.


  • MN 7401 Organisational Behaviour
  • MN 7599 Dissertation and Research Methods

Administrative responsibilities

Associate Editor for Organizational Aesthetics

Member of the editorial board for Leadership & the Humanities


My theoretical inspirations are traceable to the influences of process philosophy and general sociological questions concerning organisations and the people who work in them. Currently, I am exploring the potential of film making both to generate critical research on industry and culture and to produce a broad range of impacts on audiences from outside as well as within the academy.


RMIT University

Dr Tomas Michel (MRes) Nomad Leadership as an Oblique Strategy for Creative Insurgencies.

Ms Stella Tan (PhD) A Phenomenological Study of Graphic Designer Expertise.

Mr Chris Conroy (PhD) Creative Practice and Leadership in Organisations.



Wood, M., P. Salovaara and L. Marti. Manifesto for Filmmaking as Organisational Research. Organization (online ahead of print).

Salovaara, P. and M Wood. The Terrifying thing with Film as Business Education and Research. In R. Earhart, R. Jardat, H. Letiche and & J-L. Moriceau (Eds.) Turn to Film: Critical Pedagogies of Management and Film in Business Education. Bingley, England: Emerald Group Publishing (accepted for publication).


Dibben, M., M. Wood, R. Macklin and R. Riggio. Rethinking Leadership Ethics from a Radical Process Perspective. In R. A. Giacalone and C. L. Jukiewicz (Eds.) Radical Thoughts on Ethical Leadership, pp. 169-198. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


Wood, M., S. Glisovic and L. Berkeley. The Challenge of Film and Video to Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies. Prometheus 34/3-4: 225-230.

Wood, M. and J. Rowlins. A Filmmaker’s Journey Into Research. Journal of Media, Communication and Film 3/1: 5-14.

Berkeley, L., M. Wood and S. Glisovic. Screen Production Research, Theory and Affect. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice 9/1: 7-31.

Wood, M. On Norms and Their Transgression in Serious Leisure: Two Case Studies from Rock Climbing. Culture and Organization 22/3: 262-282.


.IT I), Wood, M. Audio-visual Production and Shortcomings of Distribution in Organisation Studies. Journal of Cultural Economy 8/4: 462-478.

Edwards, G., D. Schedlitzki, J. Ward and M. Wood. Exploring Critical Perspectives of Toxic and Bad Leadership through Film. Advances in Developing Human Resources 17/3: 363-375.

Wood, M. and M. Dibben. Leadership as Relational Process. Process Studies 44/1: 24-47.

Wood, M. Nobody Puts Filmmaking in a Corner! Organizational Aesthetics 4/1: 9-11.



Wood, M., L. Berkeley and S. Glisovic (writers/producers/directors) 600 Mills [Video, 25 mins].  Prometheus 34/3-4 online: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/08109028.2017.1336011


Wood, M. and S. Brown (writers/producers/directors) Lines of Flight [Video, 23 mins].

Altitude: a journal of emerging humanities work 12/online: http://www.thealtitudejournal.net/

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