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Associate Professor in Organisation Studies

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Personal details

I joined the School of Management (now ULSB) in February 2012. Between 2012-2014 I was seconded to the University of Potsdam, Germany, on a two-year Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship.

I am currently Co-Head of ULSB's Management and Organization division and ULSB’s Director of Impact.

Previously, I was a lecturer at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England (UWE), where I taught on the tourism and enterprise undergraduate programmes and on the MBA.

I am also a Senior Research Associate of the University of Johannesburg and a Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Technology and Society at the Technical University Berlin.


I have teaching experience across undergraduate, postgraduate, MBA and PhD programmes with a focus on political economy, organizational sociology, and qualitative research  methods, as well as enterprise studies, tourism and events.

I have recently developed a module on the Political Economy of Brexit, and currently teach on Business, Management and Economy in core Undergraduate provision. As previous director of ULSB’s flagship Business and Management Studies BA, I took part in the transformation of the programme.

Administrative responsibilities

Director of Impact for the School of Business, coordinating the School’s Impact REF return and conducting Impact support activities.


My research interests converge at the intersections of mobility, organisation and politics. In this context I consider the role of transnational mobilities, from activists to tourists, in the formation of a global social question with a focus on the way slums are becoming destinations of a range of better-off travellers, in solidarity and volunteer travel and in slum tourism. This is also the topic of my book 'Slumming It‘ (Zed Books 2016).

In a recent project, Lockdown Stories, I have collaborated with community tourism providers and local heritage projects in favelas in Rio de Janeiro to respond to a significant drop in numbers of tourists visiting their projects since Covid-19. Lockdown Stories (hyperlink: http://lockdownstories.travel) has resulted in a virtual tourism platform, helping to move some of their tourism provision online.   The project was funded by Research England Global Challenges Research Fund.

The project will be expanded via my new AHRC Research Network Grant with a focus of Local Heritage and Sustainability: promote reflection and sharing within and across communities with partners in Brazil, Mozambique and Malaysia.

In 2012 I received a Marie Curie Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the EU for a two-year research project on slum tourism, conducted at the University of Potsdam, Germany. Prior to this I won an early career grant from the University of the West of England to study tourism in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas and to initiate the foundation of a slum tourism research network. I co-organised the first conference in this field of research in December 2010 at UWE. This led to the publication of a special issue on slum tourism in the journal tourism geographies and a book I edited on the same topic. In May 2014 I hosted the second slum tourism network conference in Potsdam and I am co-editor of two special issues emerging from the conference publications.

In my second empirical research field I study the ways in which social movements organise themselves in response to place and space with a particular interest in the organisational form of the protest camp. Since 2018 I have benefitted from a University of Leicester Research Development Fund for research on the role of protest camps at the G-20 in Hamburg, which has led to a number of publications. I collaborated with the research network ‘Mapping G20’ (hyperlink: https://g20.protestinstitut.eu/) which published a widely shared report on the G20 events.

In 2013 I published a book on protest camps as an organisational form (with Zed books) in collaboration with Anna Feigenbaum (Bournemouth University) and Patrick McCurdy (Ottawa University). I have taken part in the foundation of the protest camp research network. In the framework of the network, I have recently co-edited the book ‘Protest Camps in International Perspective’ (Policy Press). I am also one of the founders of the protest camp research collective.

Theoretically my work converges around the concept of valorisation, and in particular diverse voluntary practices that contribute to the valorisation of places and ideas. Bridging my empirical interests, the concept of valorisation also informs my research of urban regeneration, with a focus on work in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and Bristol, UK.

I have worked widely in the area of international development with a number of publications and supported by grants, including in 2019-2020 British Academy Grant Writing and Publishing Workshop Funding (£30,000) for two workshops with early career researchers in Vietnam. I have previously worked in an ESRC research project on Alternative Media Organisation in the 'Global South' (RES-155-25-0029).

Earlier work includes the foundation in 2003 of a research think tank Institute of Nomadology (InNo) in Berlin.


I’d be interested in supervising PhDs that aim to:

  • Critically study mobilities and tourism
  • Study political mobilities (i.e. activist travel), volunteer tourism, slum tourism and poverty as a tourist attraction
  • Research protest camps, both in contemporary and historical perspective
  • Reflect on the role of leisure in the formation of political identities
  • Interrogate the politics of compassion and the social question


Journal articles

Frenzel, F. and Frisch, T. (2020) Digitally enhanced tourist value practices and the geographies of inequality. Tourism Geographies, (forthcoming)

Dallyn, S. and Frenzel, F. (2020) The Challenge of Building a Scalable Postcapitalist Commons: The Limits of FairCoin as a Commons-Based Cryptocurrency. Antipode: A Radical Journal Of Geography (forthcoming)

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Book chapters

Frenzel, F. (2020) How Slumming Made the Slum. In: A. Mayne (ed) The Oxford Handbook on the History of Slums. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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Unreviewed publications
Frenzel, F. (2010) Book Review: Tourism and Mobilities Local-Global Connections, Leisure Studies Association Newsletter 69-72.

Frenzel, F. (2005) Book Review: Tourism Mobilities Places to Play, Places in Play. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 3 (2), pp.136-138.


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