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  • Email: a.cameron@le.ac.uk
  • Office: Room 0.26, Teaching Centre, Brookfield
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Personal details

BA, MA, DPhil

I first joined Leicester in 2001 as a lecturer in Human Geography. In 2010 I transferred to the School of Management as Senior Lecturer, prior to the formation of the School of Business in 2016.

My time is divided between three main activities:


My research reflects a varied journey through academia; taking in Art History, International Political Economy, Geography, and Business on the way. Since 2008 this has been extended through collaborations with conceptual artists and curators exploring aspects of finance through artistic practice. The most important and enduring of these collaborations to date has been my involvement in the project Headless, launched in 2007 by Swedish artist duo goldin&senneby. Headless is a complex exploration of the intersection between contemporary art and offshore finance. As ‘spokesperson/emissary’ my role has been to open up and shape the content of the project through a series of ‘performance lectures’, publications, and other live events across the world. I also appear as a central character in the novelised version of the project published in 2015.

I publish widely in both academic and non-academic outlets: always exploring some aspect of indeterminacy, ambiguity, complexity, and in-betweenness. Subjects have included, imagined islands, offshore spaces, taxation, boundaries, myths, devils, fools, tricksters and witches. During 2018-19 I am writing a book for MIT Press exploring the strange and complex relationship between mankind and the element mercury over the past 500 years. So far this includes intertwining stories about metallurgy, llama, banking, arctic hydrodynamics, chemical warfare, money, dancing cats and, as you’d expect, lighthouses. It will be published in 2020.

Leadership and Management

In recent years I have held a number of senior management roles at Leicester. I am currently postgraduate Research director for ULSB - helping manage our large and growing community of phD students.  Prior to that I was Deputy College Academic Director for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, overseeing various aspects of learning and teaching policy and quality assurance processes for the nine schools/departments that make up the College. I sit on a range of College and University committees and recently led the introduction of LUMES (the Leicester University Modules Evaluation System).

Voice and Performance Training

In 2016, a collaborative project between myself, Dr Andrea Davies and Leicester’s Curve Theatre, created enAct: an innovative voice and performance training course. Aimed at both corporate and higher education clients, enAct combines the experience of business school academics with that of professional actors to provide a unique training course. enAct uses a range of vocal and performance techniques interspersed with reflections on how they are relevant to the workplace to create an holistic experience designed to develop vocal confidence, personal resilience, effective team-working, and all-round wellbeing. As well as delivering the training to a growing client community, enAct is an enterprise in its own right, and is now becoming a research project.


I welcome PhD proposals around themes of, economic representation, cultural economies, performance art, intermediate spatiality and related topics.



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Journal articles

Cameron, A, Smith NJ & Tepe-Belfrage, D, 2016, ‘Household wastes: Disciplining the family in the name of austerity’, British Politics, forthcoming.

Cameron, A, 2016, ‘Money’s Unholy Trinity: Trickster, Devil, Fool’. Culture and Organisation, Vol.22, Issue 1: pp. 4-19. doi - 10.1080/14759551.2015.1035721

Cameron, A, 2015, ‘Where has all the money gone? Materiality, mobility and nothingness’, Finance and Society, Vol. 1, No.1, ‘Hard Cash’ Special Issue: 7-19.

Cameron, A 2014, ‘Modelling Headless: Finance, Performance Art and Paradoxy’, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, Issue 7: pp. 102-121

Cameron, A, 2012, ‘Splendid isolation: 'Philosopher's islands' and the reimagination of space’, Geoforum, Vol. 43, No. 4: 741-749

Cameron, A, 2012, ‘Ground zero - the semiotics of the boundary line’, Social Semiotics, Vol. 21 No. 3: 417-434

Book chapters

Cameron, A, 2016, Where has all the (xeno)money gone?, in, Sela, R & Amir, M (eds), Exterritory, London, Punctum Press.

Cameron, A, 2013, ‘The Faceless Map: Bodies, Bans and Cartography’, in, Cameron, A, Dickinson, J & Smith, NJ, (eds), Body/State, London, Ashgate: 209-222

Cameron, A, 2012, ‘The Fool and the Witch’, in Colin, A (ed), In Sorcières: Pourchassés, assumées, puissantes, queer. Editions B42, Paris and La Maison Populaire, Montreuil, Paris : 96-112



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