Dr Christopher Land

Dr Christopher Land

Reader in Work and Organisation

Room 407, Level 4, Ken Edwards Building

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Email: cdl13@le.ac.uk

Personal details

I studied my PhD at Warwick Business School under the tutelage of Gibson Burrell and Martin Corbett. This project was an examination of the interrelations between language, technology and subjectivity – key elements in the production of organisation – through an analysis of William S. Burroughs novels and Deleuze and Guattari’s more philosophically inspired work.

Since then, I have worked at the Universities of Coventry, Essex, Innsbruck (Austria) and St Gallen (Switzerland).

I joined the University of Leicester in January 2015 and am currently the Head of the Management and Organisation Division in the School of Business. I am a founding member of the CAMEo Research Institute, where I lead on the Cultural Publics Programme.


Administrative responsibilities

  • Division Head: Management and Organisation



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Journal Articles

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Book chapters

Land, C., Sliwa, M. and Spoelstra, S. (2012) ‘A Wild Sheep Chase’, in J. Gosling and P. Villiers (eds.) Fictional Leaders: Heroes, Villains and Absent Friends. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

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Editorials and other papers

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My research encompasses four main themes:

The boundaries between work and life

Including projects on:

  • Lifestyle branding
  • Coworking spaces
  • The business model of social media

The relationships between economic and other forms of value

Including publications on:

  • A range of topics from the value of public art
  • The institutional logics of rogue trading
  • A study of the ‘even newer spirit of capitalism’ which combines discursive elements of environmental and political activism with social entrepreneurship and conventional business practice in reimagining the possibilities of a post-crisis capitalist future

Representations of work and organisation in film and literature

This third stream of research continues my doctoral research on the Burroughs’ novels and has included publications on

  • Leadership in Haruki Murakami’s novels
  • Knowledge management in Star Trek
  • Methodological papers on the uses and abuses of literature in organisational analysis

Alternative forms of organisation

This combines a practical and research interest in a range of organisational forms that fall outside the mainstream of managerial, for-profit business, for example:

  • Voluntary Sector Organisations
  • Community Enterprises
  • Workers Cooperatives
  • Communes
  • Social Movement Organisations

In this work, I have undertaken consulting work for artists collectives and not-for-profit voluntary organisations. I also co-edited the 2014 Routledge Companion to Alternative Organization, with Martin Parker, Valerie Fournier and George Cheney.

My current research project is exploring the nexus between cultural production and the material processes of production in craft brewing, with a particular focus on shifting gender roles in the brewing industry.


I am currently supervising four PhD students, based at the University of Leicester and Essex University:

  • Tyler Hinson is researching affect and creativity in the cultural economy
  • Ruth Melville is researching the organisation of community arts and the contested institutional logics shaping the work of community artists
  • Claire Deschner
  • Panayiotis Sentonas

I'm happy to discuss supervision with prospective PhD students working in any of my main research areas.

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