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Andy has over 25 years of public financial management experience, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, since gaining his professional accountancy qualification. His experience started in internal audit across the British public sector, including being the technical manager for a major private sector provider of internal audit services. Andy helped to edit a book on risk management and was chair of the editorial board of a CIPFA publication on internal audit. He then went on to lead the public sector technical work for ACCA, the international accountancy body.

Andy has published widely and is a well known critique of moves to adopt accrual accounting in the public sector.  He has also published criticisms of other standard public sector reforms (MTEF, IFMIS and PFI/PP) and was the editor of the International Journal of Governmental Financial Management for five years. Andy led a research study to identify existing good practice in financial reporting by sub-Saharan African governments.

Andy has spoken at several international conferences including several times at those of ESAAG (the regional body for Accountants General in southern and eastern Africa) and ICGFM.

Andy is now a free-lance consultant in sub-Saharan Africa, concentrating on advising and research on public financial management in Nigeria where he is a technical advisor to the Auditor General. He is also an advisor for the Federal Training Academy for the Accountant General of the Federation


Member of the editorial board of the Southern African Journal of Accountability and Auditing Research.

Editor of International Journal of Governmental Financial Management, 2008 - 2013

Editor ACCA Public Sector Bulletin: 2003 – 2008

Chair Editorial Board CIFFA internal audit volume: 1996 - 2002


Andy’s research interests include identifying existing good practice within public financial management in sub-Saharan Africa.

Andy is supervising several PhD students and would like to be able to support other PhD and other research students to identify existing good practices within public financial management, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. He would also encourage critiques of the claimed benefits of New Public Management reforms including accrual accounting, Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks, Integrated Financial Management Information Systems, programme budgeting, performance and risk based audit.


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Co-author of study for Africa Capacity Building Foundation - The Experience of MTEF and IFMIS Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa – What is the Balance Sheet? (2010).

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Wynne, A (2005) Public Financial Management Reforms in Developing Countries:
Lessons of Experience from Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda, Working Paper No. 7, The African Capacity Building Foundation.

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