ULSB Public Lecture to explore the Impossible Company

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Uwe Luebberman, founder and Main Moderator of Premium Drinks Collective, to deliver free public talk as part of ULSB Public Lecture Series
ULSB Public Lecture to explore the Impossible Company

Uwe Luebberman

Imagine you founded a company without any investors. From day one, you shared your power of decision making with everybody else; with the employees, with suppliers, with customers, with everybody. The results were devastating: No to written contracts! No to advertising! No to profits! Find out how Uwe Luebbermann makes this business model a success at the next University of Leicester School of Business (ULSB) Public Lecture on Monday 15 October.

The ULSB Public Lecture Series features invited speakers who are regarded as leaders in the areas of management, economics, finance and business. Hosted by ULSB, the lectures take place three times each year. The theme of each lecture is chosen for its topicality and relevance to the understanding of contemporary economics and management, with each speaker being an influential leader in their field.

Next up at ULSB is Uwe, the founder and Main Moderator of Premium Drinks Collective. The German company makes cola, beer and two types of lemonade. He is also a consultant for other organisations, chairman of a bike logistics cooperative, and a janitor. But what makes his company impossible?

He set out with no office, no colleagues and no machinery. Instead it all works through a network of companies all working together. The people involved in this network all look after each other, ensuring each part of the network has enough materials to carry out their work. Their product is the service they provide, the result is the drinks.

Nearly 17 years later, the company still exists, still sticks to these rules and to many more which seem wrong, if not insane, by common business practices. They don't have any fixed working hours and no bonuses for good workers. Still, they sell to 200 cities, grow 10 percent per year (if quicker, they hit the brakes), and sell 1.5 million bottles per year.

Uwe explains further: “During the first five years we were laughed at. We were called ‘hippies’ and ‘insane’. 10 years later less people were laughing. After 15 years we started being treated seriously.”

So how do you start a business with no investors, no contracts and no advertising? How do you get anyone to buy your product? How would you like your company to work for you? Come along and find out more at our ULSB Public Lecture.

Date: Monday 15 October 2018

Time: 5.30 - 6.30 pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, Ken Edwards Building, University of Leicester


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