Travelling across the globe to learn how to master the business world

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Students, alumni and business professionals attended the week-long Leicester Masterclass 2018 to improve their leadership skills, learn about strategy and entrepreneurship and explore new ways of thinking
Travelling across the globe to learn how to master the business world

Leicester Masterclass attendees 2018

At the University of Leicester School of Business’ (ULSB) Leicester Masterclass 2018 over 100 students, alumni and business professionals from over 30 countries studied for 7 days in 50 sessions with 40 speakers. Running from 7-13 August 2018 attendees were offered the chance to master and challenge key concepts, to advance their knowledge, skills and career prospects.

The Leicester Masterclass comprised bespoke and themed events, and forms a key part of the School of Business calendar. Students from across the world, including Canada, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, the Netherlands, Barbados, and the UK, participated in an innovative programme of lectures, workshops and one-to-one study sessions. Themes covered this year included: Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Big Data and Data Analytics; Leadership; Global Business and CSR, and Risk.

Attendees also focused on design thinking and innovation, the use of drama techniques in management problem-solving, and took part in an interactive session on defending organisations against fraud and corruption. The highlights of the week included the Dean’s Celebratory Dinner, held at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium and the Blue Ocean Strategy presentation groups.

Nahi Thebian, is studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, via distance learning. He explains what he enjoyed: “The Leicester Masterclass was a unique experience, very much rewarding in all aspects. The ability to meet professionals, alumni and fellow students and work closely with them all was an exceptional opportunity to widen horizons and share experiences.

“The lectures, offered by academic professors and business experts were very fruitful. They offered a view to the future with Big data and the Internet of things. Real life examples from customs and police experts were fascinating and linked academic content to our world.

“I felt that I belonged to the University and I appreciated the opportunity to meet fellow students and tutors and live the campus experience for seven days.”

Dr Peter Rodgers, Director of the Leicester MBA Programme, asked students to consider Blue Ocean Strategy as a tool for innovation. The idea being that companies can succeed by creating "blue oceans" of uncontested market space, as opposed to "red oceans" where competitors fight for dominance. Attendees worked in groups throughout the week to see how they would put this theory into practice. They presented for 10 minutes, covering their product, marketing and brand strategy, ethics, Blue Ocean Strategy and finance required. They then pitched for investment, Dragon’s Den style.

Ideas presented to a ULSB panel of judges included: Insta-cool, a 5-second chilling device for aluminium drinks cans; SmartLens, a pair of glasses that adjust to your eyesight over time and can identify health problems; a smart wallet that can convert currency on a digital display. The winning group created a solar-powered smart backpack with in-built maps and cooling system. The aim was to reduce people’s reliance on looking at their phones to navigate.

We were also delighted to be joined by many guest speakers including Matt Tapp, Interim Director of Strategic Communications and Public Engagement at Leicestershire Police, who led a fascinating session on Leading Public Relations and crisis communication.

Dr Deborah Price, Associate Professor at ULSB and academic lead for the Leicester Masterclass, highlights what made the Leicester Masterclass so special: “The Leicester Masterclass 2018 encompassed themed events which map on to the core values of the School of Business and which highlighted the issues facing contemporary management and leadership. Throughout the week, attendees engaged with our global and interdisciplinary community of academics, senior leaders from internationally renowned companies and a unique range of highly experienced business consultants.

“Most importantly, it was an opportunity to make friends, network, and become part of our community here at the School of Business. They made sure to immerse themselves into the Leicester campus experience, sharing their experience on social media using #LeicesterMasterclass. The result was engaging, enlightening and a little exhausting!”