ULSB and Asset Intelligence host annual Investment Conference - Technology in Finance and the Changing Face of Finance

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The new advances in technology are changing the way of delivering financial services, creating new investment opportunities worldwide, and investors are showing more interest and openness to these trends. This year’s annual Investment Conference took place last month and explored how technology and innovation are changing the investment landscape.

Dr Sandro Sozzo, Postgraduate Finance Programme Leader at the School of Business, chaired the event where students and members of staff were treated presentations from Alex Foster from BlackRock, Yoram Lustig from T. Rowe Price and Kel Nwanuforo from Asset Intelligence, on the current role of technology in an investment portfolio.

Kel was keen to provide an insight into the multiple ways the investment landscape is changing; ‘Asset Intelligence is always keen to engage with local students with an interest in the finance sector. We sought, with this event, to provide some real-world insight into what can appear at times to be a somewhat opaque and intimidating industry.’

Throughout there were discussions around global monetary policy, emerging markets, expertise in technology manufacturing for the electric vehicle industry, the considerable investment opportunities in previous technological advances and how this influences our current investment decisions and even the implications of the growing use of social media by President Trump.

Attendees also had the chance to question Yoram, Alex and Kel on issues from the implications of technology on a changing job market to cryptocurrency during the panel discussion. Kel Nwanuforo commented on the panel discussion, ‘judging from the detailed and technical nature of the questions that many students posed to the panel after the presentations, this is a very talented cohort indeed! Any number could go on to enjoy successful careers in this dynamic and important field."

The panel was followed by informal networking where discussions continued between students, staff and the guest speakers.

Dr Sandro Sozzo commented on the success of the event, ‘The conference was a great success and the main themes were relevant, engaging and informative. Students enjoyed clarity of talks, expertise of speakers and impact of technology on the future of transport and investment opportunities. Also, exposure to wider known companies and renowned professionals gave students concrete insights to future market development. I am especially grateful to the organisers, the ULSB Careers Team and Robert Love (Asset Intelligence Research, founder of the conference) to the speakers, Kel Nwanuforo (Asset Intelligence Research), Alex Foster (Black-Rock), Yoram Lustig (T Rowe Price), and the audience.’

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