Exploring Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the shadow of Covid19, the change in circumstances has required many organisations to rapidly reconsider their business model.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but that is not to suggest that abrupt change is easy to conceive or manage for many business owners. This unit from the University of Leicester School of Business, including a mini-lecture by Dr. Peter Rodgers provides organisational owners and their employees with tools to help identify and consider the issues of change that are integral to invention and innovation.

To successfully bring an invention to the market, to achieve a successful innovation in the market, requires insight and support. This unit will provide you with insight, but the University of Leicester is also able to provide expert knowledge to support your organisation. Bringing together the community of experts from fields as diverse as business, space exploration, advanced materials, structural and chemical biology, and health science, the Leicester Innovation Hub is the University’s front door for innovation support.

The Innovation Hub is a £5.1m investment, funded by ERDF and the University of Leicester, its purpose to work closely with industry to collaboratively turn research expertise and business ideas into innovative products, services and processes.

You can find out more about the work of the Leicester Innovation Hub and how our colleagues can support your business, by visiting the following website: https://le.ac.uk/enterprise/development/innovation-hub

For more information about ULSB’s portfolio of programmes visit: https://le.ac.uk/school-of-business

You can access the mini-lecture here. Please note a pop-up message may appear when opening the link, but it is safe to continue.

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