Investment Conference February 2020

Finance in an Unpredictable World

Asset Intelligence

Investors are currently faced with an unprecedented financial environment. Bank of England interest rates are at their lowest since 1694, controversial characters dominate the world stage, climate change is becoming critical and Brexit, coronavirus and trade wars make up an increasingly uncertain financial landscape, which has a deep impact on investment decisions.

An audience of Postgraduate and Undergraduate students along with academics attending the annual Investment Conference, hosted jointly with Asset Intelligence and the University of Leicester School of Business, listened to presentations from Schroders Investment Management, BMO Global Asset Management and Asset Intelligence looking at the implications of a world of uncertainty and how to work within it.

This year’s Investment Conference, held at the new School of Business Brookfield campus, was led by academics Dr Sandro Sozzo and Dr Silvia Pazzi. Attendees learnt of the range of tools used to forecast the future environment and the importance of a broad investment portfolio to minimise risk. The Conference highlighted the need to consider alternative outcomes and increase diversification in a portfolio as no prediction can be 100% certain.  The increasing need to ignore the “noise”, analyse the “controllables” and the fundamentals, balance risk and return, and be patient with long term investments, are all key in making financial decisions in the current uncertain economic and political times.

The Conference concluded with an extended Question and Answer session, followed by a networking event, where students were given the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in more detail.

“Speaking on behalf of all at Asset Intelligence” said Kel Nwanuforo “it was a pleasure to co-host this year's Investment Conference with the University of Leicester Business School.

Along with faculty members, the assembled audience of students proved themselves engaged with the subject matter by putting in energetic performances during the 'Q&A' session and the succeeding networking event.

Personally, it is always rewarding for me to speak to such a plugged-in cohort with bright careers ahead. I look forward to participating again next year.”

Dr Silvia Pazzi commented on the success of the event: “The conference has proven once again a great opportunity to discuss relevant and informative real-world issues. I am very pleased to see this event growing as one of our programmes’ flagships. The feedback from students was extremely positive with students highlighting the value of learning from different viewpoints. They enjoyed the engaging presentations and benefited from the expertise of the speakers who eloquently bridged the gap between theory and practice. The Q&A session and network event was a great occasion for our students to talk with professionals and gain useful insight into their future careers. For the success of this event, I am grateful to everyone involved in the organisation: Dr Sandro Sozzo, the ULSB Professional Services teams and Robert Love (Asset Intelligence Research, founder of the conference). Finally, a special thanks to the speakers, Keith Balmer (BMO Global Asset Management), Kel Nwanuforo (Asset Intelligence Research), Joe Tennant (Schroder Investment Management), and the audience”.

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