Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Political Marketing: Beyond Campaigns, Parties and Orthodoxy to Movements, Society and Heterodoxy

UK Academy of Marketing, Special Interest Group on Political Marketing, Conference 2020

We would like to invite you to the forthcoming international conference on political marketing. The focus of the conference (the theme) will be interdisciplinary perspectives on political marketing.The conference will seek to draw in submissions not just from those whose interests lay in orthodox political marketing including in such themes as electioneering, voter attitudes and behaviour, party campaign strategies, lobbying, and propaganda, but also those interested in unorthodox (and interdisciplinary) themes of political marketing such as the application of political marketing concepts, frameworks and theory to the marketing of social movements (including movements around brands), the marketing of ideology and companies’ uses of marketing for political/ideological ends.

We invite academics and practitioners to participate in this conference to discuss where political marketing is presently heading and how that is working out for democracy! Our goal is to better understand the nature of successful political marketing campaigns, through governments, parties, terrorist groups, and movements, to analyse what is the role of political marketing and its tools and techniques. As indicated above. the conference organisers would particularly like to invite submissions from academics from a range of interdisciplinary (and international) perspectives in the social sciences (including in philosophy, social psychology, social anthropology, computer sciences, statistics, sociology, communication and media studies, journalism, political science, marketing and beyond). At the same time, we seek to explore contemporary issues in political marketing. Papers are therefore requested from, but not limited to, the following topic areas:

  • Political marketing from an ideological marketing perspective
  • The interface between lobbying/public affairs and electoral campaigning/outcomes
  • Marketing’s impact on society and the link to regulation
  • Political marketing as propaganda
  • ethical perspectives on political marketing
  • Mechanisms of persuasion in political marketing messaging
  • The political nature of government social marketing communication
  • Branding in politics and the politics of visual branding
  • Perspectives on the use of neuromarketing methods in political contexts
  • The use of strategic communications in a defence/military/foreign affairs context.
  • Adversary (illicit overseas) influence in elections (e.g. 2016 US Presidential, 2017 French Presidential Election)
  • The digital political party and party organisation
  • Activists and activism (social movement; academics as activists)
  • The marketing of extremist ideologies
  • Political marketing and democracy
  • Political marketing and public policy delivery/implementation perspectives.

Guidelines to submit an abstract


4 and 5 June 2020


College Court, Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3UF


Early bird booking (on or before 1 May 2020) £159 Conference dinner on 4 June; one nights bed and breakfast accommodation; lunch and refreshments on 5 June
Standard booking (from 2 May 2020) £174 Conference dinner on 4 June; one nights bed and breakfast accommodation; lunch and refreshments on 5 June
Non-accommodation full conference booking £105 Conference dinner on 4 June; lunch and refreshments on 5 June
Non-accommodation day rate booking £75 Conference attendance, lunch and refreshments on 5 June only

The above fees do not include: travel to and from the conference; parking (outside of the College Court parking facilities); and alcoholic beverages beyond what is provided for the dinner.

Conference Co- Chairs

Enquiries can be directed to the following:

  • Professor Paul Baines: Professor of Political Marketing, School of Business, University of Leicester. Email:
  • Dr Amanda Earley, Lecturer in Politics and Marketing, School of Business, University of Leicester Email:
  • Dr George Patsiaouras: Lecturer in Marketing, School of Business, University of Leicester, UK. Email:

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