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We are pleased to announce that the University of Ho Chi Minh will host the first Publishing Workshop funded by the British Academy, in collaboration with the University of Leicester and the Open University from the 5-7 of September 2018, as a pre-event ahead of the ACBES conference.

Workshop OverviewBritish Academy

The workshop brings together researchers from Asia-Pacific Area countries, in particular Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia to work with expert editors to develop their manuscripts and to submit high quality journals.

Eligible participants are Early Career Researchers (within 10 years of PhD completion, excluding career breaks) working in South-east Asian Universities, regardless of their nationality.

We welcome papers from Economics, Finance, Organisation studies, Innovation, Technology and Operations, Marketing, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Creativity and Innovation Management, Sociology and Psychology of Organisations.

This event is an great networking opportunity connecting researchers from the UK  South East Asia to help develop ideas and explore funding opportunities. After the workshop, participants will be connected through a digital platform, the RaW project. The University of Leicester will also fund five researchers to come to the UK to present their papers and meet the editors.


Please take a look at our programme.

Why participate?

You will have the chance to connect with UK researchers and academics, learn how to make reviews, how to structure a paper, and how to apply for funding.

You will take part in sessions focused on topics of interest to early career students such as: identifying interesting journals, publishing your research, answering the reviewers, structuring a paper.

You will then work in small, interactive groups (typically 4 people) with several hours of intensive discussion about your research with a UK academic, where you will present and review the papers of all participants in your group.

How to take part

In order to attend the events, you will need to submit an unpublished paper (max length 10,000 words) to Dr Marta Gasparin by emailing that is relevant to the thematic areas of the workshop, indicating clearly:

  • Title
  • Co-authors
  • Thematic area: (e.g. Economics, Finance, Organisation studies, Innovation, Technology and Operations, Marketing, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, Creativity and Innovation Management, Sociology and Psychology of Organisations)
  • CV (2 pages max)
  • Expression of interest in participating at the launch of the RaW project (details to be announced) and to visit the University of Leicester to present an updated version of your paper

Some papers will inevitably be more developed than others; the main criteria will be if they are drafts suitable for publication, which will include:

  • Quality of the proposed contribution to theory and practice
  • Originality and appropriateness of the research method
  • Technical competence in the development and execution of the research
  • Value of the findings in contributing to knowledge/managerial practice

The events UEH will be free of charge, but the participants will have to cover the travel costs for attending the event. The persons who wish to have their costs covered need to make an application to UoL consisting of one page motivational letter. Please send it to Dr Marta Gasparin


The events at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City will be free of charge, but participants will have to cover their travel costs for attending the event. We are able to offer some funding help to facilitate the travels of researchers from South East Asia. Participants are requested to send an application to Dr Marta Gasparin indicating: your reason for asking for funding and the amount requested (flight and accommodation).


The workshop will be hosted at the University of Ho Chi Minh.

Key dates

  • Deadline for submitting the papers: 15/06/2018
  • Deadline for submitting request for funding for the workshop 15/06/2018
  • Notification of acceptance: July 2018
  • Registration deadline: 20/08/2018
  • Deadline for submitting the application for funding to attend the RaW event at the University of Leicester, UK: 20/08/2018
  • Workshop: 5/6/7 September 2018

UK Academics attending the workshop

A number of Academics have been invited from the UK to take part in the multidisciplinary workshop. They can support the development of papers for many potential targeted journals:

Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (Jabes), Organization, Sociological Review, Marketing Management, Creativity and Innovation Management, Tourism Review; British Journal of Management, Industrial Relations Journal, Industrial Marketing; Journal of Management Studies, International Journal of Management Reviews, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research; Journal of Consumer Marketing; Consumption, Markets and Culture, Journal of Customer Behaviour; Economic Letters, Physica A; International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, Journal of Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Banking and Finance, Journal of Economics and International Finance, Algorithmic Finance, Applied Economics, Advances in Economics; Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Experimental Innovation.

The UK Academics have expertise in the following areas:


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