25 October 2019

LAIN: Artificial Intelligence, Platforms and Workers

This Leicester Artificial Intelligence Network (LAIN) event looks at the ethical and moral questions in a new terrain of digitalised workplaces and how these can be addressed.

27 November 2019

ULSB Public Lecture: The trials and tribulations of running an English basketball club and building and running an arena

Join Kevin Routledge, Chairman of the Leicester Riders as he discusses the trials and tribulations of running the oldest basketball club in the UK in the ULSB Public Lecture Series.

9 January 2020

Alternative Accounts Europe Conference 2020

The conference aims to bring together scholars interested in interdisciplinary and critical perspectives on accounts and accountings. We invite scholars to challenge dominant representations of accounting and to present alternative accounts of accounting practice, its diverse and multiple histories, contexts and constituents.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Consumer Culture Theory Conference 2020

Interrogating Social Imaginaries Examining Narratives of Past, Present and Future in Consumer Culture

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