Biological Sciences at Leicester

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Why choose Biological Sciences at Leicester?

  • The school was awarded £4.5 million by the Higher Education Funding Council to establish the GENIE Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning.

Flexible and Broad Degrees

The School comprises three departments: Genetics and Genomes; Molecular and Cell Biology; and Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour. Together with the Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation from the School of Medicine, they collaborate in teaching and research. Our ability to offer a wide range of degrees gives our students both breadth of vision and specialised knowledge across the whole range of the modern biological sciences. We offer a range of flexible degrees designed to allow you to follow your own interests.

There is also the opportunity to undertake a four year degree. You can either spend one year studying abroad in the USA, Japan or at another European university under the Erasmus scheme or you can transfer to a four-year sandwich degree that includes a year working in a related industry.

Teaching Quality

Our excellence in teaching is built on a synergy between international excellence in research and effective learning and teaching. Students are also supported by personal tutors and the university's student support services.

Career Opportunities

Our degrees prepare graduates for a wide range of career opportunities. Many of our graduates follow further training for research or teaching careers in biology, often through our MSc or PhD programmes at Leicester. Others gain positions in medical or pharmaceutical laboratories, in environmental management, in agriculture or in the food industry.

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The GENIE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and LearningThe GENIE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning