This page contains links to all the slides from presentations given during the course of the TOUCANS project, and blog posts about those events.

11 July 2012

Presentation called "iTunes U and the OERu: two different ways of reaching the world" at SCORE-HEA Showcase event  I presented jointly with fellow SCORE fellow Terese Bird of the SPIDER project.

4 July 2012

Presentation at the HEA Conference in Manchester:

UK Higher Education Institutions and the OER university: Snog, Marry, Avoid? (With co-author, Alejandro Armellini)

Abstract: This paper presents the findings of a HEFCE-funded SCORE fellowship which is investigating UK perspectives on the OERu (OER university) concept. Thirteen non-UK universities are collaborating to provide affordable higher education for learners in developing countries via OERs and low-cost assessment. Where do UK universities stand on this issue? 

15 June 2012

Presentation to SAIDE (South African Institute for Distance Education) in Johannesburg, South Africa: "The OERu from the inside out and the outside in"

11-13 June 2012

Research workshops at Unisa in South Africa, in which one theme was the impact of OERs and open educational practices on research. "OER-based design for learning and its impact on research and teaching"

15-18 April 2012

Cambridge 2012: Innovation and Impact - Openly Collaborating to Enhance Education.

27-30 March 2012

Presentation at University of Leicester's annual Learning Futures Festival: Follow the sun . (Here is the recording of the session.)

6-7 March 2012

Ran a series of three webinars in celebration of Open Education Week.

Presented: A birds-eye view of the OERu: some insights from the TOUCANS project

22 February 2012

Presentation at New Models for Education and Training build on Open Educational Resources, a workshop hosted by the Open University (UK) and UNED (National Distance Education University, Spain) - an EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities) initiative as part of theOpen Educational Innovation and Incubation project. Title of my presentation: The OER university: collaborating, innovating and educating.

9 December 2011

Workshop on OERs and the OERu with academics from Kabul University at the University of Leicester.

23 November 2011

I gave a keynote presentation at Durban University of Technology's Annual E-Learning Festival. Title: "Open to sharing in higher education". See blog post.

9-10 November 2011

OERu Anchor Partner Meeting in Dunedin, New Zealand. I attended virtually. See blog post and video. 



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