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iTunes U Reach Across the Ocean from tbirdcymru This poster was presented at the OER13 Conference in March 2013, University of Nottingham


iTunes U Reach is a short project on the topic of Open Educational Resources (OER) as a medium to reach out to international students, and is funded by the HEA/JISC Open Educational Resources Phase 3 Programme. Specifically, iTunes U Reach examines how students outside of the UK view, listen to, and read iTunes U free learning materials, and whether they see these materials as a reflection on the university which produced them, especially as they consider future education choices.


iTunes U Reach uses the methodology of an online survey targeting international students and potential students, focus groups with students recently arrived in the UK from other countries, Skype interviews with students in other countries, and discussions with academics regarding their goals for using iTunes U. iTunes U Reach also documents and creates a framework for the process by which a UK university (in this case, the University of Leicester) prepares for and launches its iTunes U presence with the goal of sharing out attractive and engaging learning material.

iTunes U Reach follows on from initial research into iTunes U as an OER channel done for the SPIDER SCORE project.

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iTunes U as OER



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