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SEAL will elicit viable and preferred futures for learning in education. We will create and research interactive events with communities of learners, teachers, technologists and creative practitioners in Second Life. The potential for ‘freeing up’ of existing mindsets will enable visioning of advanced approaches to learning. SEAL will work out what is new and how educators can draw on existing frameworks and models. SEAL addresses imagining, evaluating, choosing and disseminating appropriate approaches that will meet, and perhaps exceed, the expectations of the learners’ of the future.

Educators try to make learning more ‘seductive, delightful and engaging’ (Heppell, 2006), but they need to know more about how - based on authentic voices from the learners, interpreted through feasible approaches (Rudd, Colligan and Naik, 2006).. Bringing the desire for change together with immersion in Second Life experience will help us explore new educational challenges.

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Sorry, we're closed

The Institute of Learning Innovation (formerly the Beyond Distance Research Alliance) has now closed.

This website preserves an archive of the projects we worked on.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the BDRA/ILI over the years.