Project outline

The main innovation of the SCENE Project is the idea of integrating PBL (problem based learning) methodology to be delivered through an innovative ICT-based environment in response to the Commission's initiative to modernise education and to meet current and future challenges and improve the quality of teacher education. The Project innovation has to be seen on three different levels:

1) Innovative Content: SCENE aims at developing and testing a practical and theoretical course on PBL targeted on different types of problems for different disciplines and different target groups;

2) Innovative Methodology: SCENE wants to favour experiential learning as well as creativity and learn-by-doing approach based on an inductive method teachers/trainers/school leaders experience PBL and then learn to turn practice into theory.

3) Innovative Technology: thanks to an ICT blended solution, SCENE will implement a comprehensive PBL working environment constituted by an e-learning platform, a PBL repository and a virtual facilitator developed through the Intelligent Agent (IA) technology. A virtual facilitator offers a guidance service targeted at the beginning of the pathway to the needs of different target groups. As target groups need to present and solve different types of problems, a virtual facilitator guides them in selecting and writing appropriate and effective scenarios taking into consideration the specific field of study and the nature of the problem.

The three elements will be experienced by the target group as one single environment offering them a complete PBL learning path which represents the main innovative aspect of SCENE project: the developing of an innovative on line multifunctional tool, combining a “practical to theoretical” training path with a structured guidance process to design and choose effective scenarios and apply an assessment approach that evaluates the quality of the problems solving process and results.

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Contact for UK Partner

Dr Palitha Edirisingha

Principal Investigator

T: +44 116 3753