POERUP has the following remit.

  • By carrying out research to understand how governments can stimulate the uptake of OER by policy means, POERUP aims to contribute to the implementation of lifelong learning in all modes (formal and informal). We aim to convince decision-makers that in order to be successful with OER, they will have to formulate evidence-based policies based on looking beyond - beyond one's own country, region or continent, beyond the educational sector they look after.
  • POERUP also aims to foster the potential of new technologies for enhancing innovation and creativity, in particular by researching policies designed to foster a lifelong learner mindset in learners - leading to curiosity, creativity and a willingness to consume OER.
  • POERUP aims to study the end-user–producer communities behind OER initiatives. By comparing in-depth European case-studies to selected non-European ones we will refine and elaborate recommendations to formulate a set of action points that can be applied to ensuring the realisation of successful, lively and sustainable OER communities.
  • We aim to provide policymakers and education authorities above institutions, but also OER management and practitioners within institutions, with insight into what has been done in this area, plus a categorization of the different major initiatives and the diverse range of providers. Policy advice is needed to explicitly address Issues like critical thinking in the use of new technologies/media, risk awareness, and ethical/legal considerations. This need is also expressed by the EACEA. Our review will provide practical and concrete information in order to contribute towards a more informed approach in the future.
  • We shall set up a dialogue within and organise in-depth discussions with an International Advisory Committee. This is composed of different interest groups: OER management bodies, relevant networks, users (community members) of OER products, policy-makers and a range of experts at global and European level. The IAC will involve European and non-European experts to share their view on the results and research approach and gain an outsider's perspective on OER initiatives. This will be the hub of an involved and interactive policy community from all levels of OER stakeholders in all educational sectors.
  • We also want to provide education authorities, the research community and OER initiative management with trustworthy and balanced research results, in which feedback from all stakeholder groups has been incorporated and which can be used as standard literature. A specific objective is to help readers in charge of OER initiatives to foresee hidden traps and to find ways of incorporating successful features of other initiatives.
  • Finally, a key objective is to ensure sustainable availability of project results as OER on a wiki. The specific "content wiki" will be decided after project start, but some preliminary pieces of information are on the POERUP project management wiki at http://poerup.referata.com

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