Methodology and Impact

Pelican splashingPELICANS will recruit approximately 100 students from the social science faculty, both undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG). 

1.       The 100 students will complete a small survey and on-line diary (over a week) identifying patterns of use and ownership of web 2.0 platforms.  In addition, these students will undertake some small E-tivities to identify their level of competency and critical understanding of web tools in a learning context. 

2.       The final stages of the project involve collecting data through focus groups: one group comprised of the 5 UG students and the other 5 PG students.  The aim of each focus group is to have a deeper discussion of the students use and participation of web 2.0 tools in a learning context.   The focus groups will provide the basis for developing further appropriate E-tivities and learning tools to increase students’ level of web awareness and literacy.  These would be based on the findings of the first two focus groups; a final two set of focus groups /workshops which would act as an ‘intervention’ in terms of increasing levels of critical awareness and use of information sources on-line.

All student participation and research design would be in accordance with the University of Leicester’s research ethics protocol.   The research would utilise existing resources such as both Media Zoo’s (staff and Graduate School  Media Zoo).

Impact and beneficiaries

This research fits with current government and policy directions in HE, it also links to the University’s focus on employability and ‘transferable skills’.  In addition, this pilot research would enable insights from researchers in the field of media and communication to engage with researchers in the field of learning technology and provide cross-disciplinary research.  This not only feeds into the theoretical work but also would make a useful contribution to teaching and learning strategies in the College. 

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Dr Tracy Simmons

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