Participatory E-Learning: Interactivity, Community And Networking Spaces

Participatory learning cultures: a pilot study into digital literacy amongst HE students

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three pelicansPELICANS is a research pilot project - funded by the College of Social Science Research Development Fund - that investigates the level of use and participation by students in the college of social sciences  in web 2.0 platforms as part of their formal and informal learning in Higher Education (HE).

The project identifies the level of web literacy, awareness and skills in their use of information resources, and proposes and recommends ways of addressing skills gaps in terms of web literacy, as well as offering support to further develop students’ competencies with on-line information.


Flying pelicans courtesy of Lee Coursey


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Dr Tracy Simmons

Department of Media and Communication

Dr Palitha Edirisingha

Beyond Distance Research Alliance