OTTER Final Report

The OTTER Final Report has been produced for the Higher Education Academy and JISC. It details the aims and objectives of the project as well as the outputs, deliverables and implications for the future.

OTTER Documentation

As part of the OTTER project we have produced Progress Presentations and Schedules to help us monitor our progress and which have become part of CORRE.  You can download and view the exemplars below:

As part of the initial stage of CORRE we have developed a Sample Partner Agreement to aid the process of partners contributing to the repository.

We have also produced a Research Report that captures findings from data collected from students, academics and senior managers at Leicester on their views on Open Educational Resources (OERs).  You can also download the Staff Interview Questions used to help collect this data.

OTTER have also developed a Put-up Take-down Policy which clarifies the team’s current practice and approaches to the production, release and removal of OERs available through UoL’s OER repository.

As part of the OTTER project you can also download and view our OER Toolkit created by Samuel Nikoi:

CORRE & Copyright

The OTTER Project has worked with academics in transforming their teaching resources into OERs. The transformation process is determined by the CORRE model which includes copyright clearance. The following resources are available for guidance:

  • CORRE: Quality Matters in OERs (PDF, 193Kb)
  • CORRE Detailed Checklist (PDF, 120Kb)
  • Copyright and OERs : Dos and Don'ts (PDF 300kb)
  • CORRE Tracking Sheets (XLS, 92Kb)
  • CORRE Tracking Sheets (XLSX)

    OER File Format

    The OTTER Project has produced OERs in several (appropriate) file formats including: rtf, PDF, HTML and epub.

    The epub file format is supported by many leading eBook readers. The investigation of the use, within the teaching process, of ebook readers has been under taken by the DUCKLING Project who has produced the following information on the production of epub files:

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    Please contact Project Coordinator Gabi Witthaus for further information:

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    About OTTER

    The OTTER project is funded by the Higher Education Academy and JISC.

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