OER Workshop at Beyond Distance’s Online Learning Futures Festival, 14 April 2011

Challenging OERs

Conference slides (PDF)

Recording of workshop

The workshop aims to demonstrate challenges presented to OER users and challenges faced by OER producers. The workshop is divided into two parts: a hands-on activity followed by a focused discussion.

The first part of the workshop focuses on challenges presented to OER users. It begins with a search activity through popular repositories or search engines, such as OER Commons, Jorum Open, OCW Consortium, Xpert and Google Advanced Search, to find OERs in relation to a given topic. The purpose of this activity is for participants to experience OERs from a user’s perspective and to consider possible improvements in the way OERs are released and made available. The activity is followed by a discussion around challenges the participants encountered in their search and what recommendations they can offer to OER producers.

The second part of the workshop focuses on challenges faced by OER producers. Project partners from the TIGER and OSTRICH projects will share their experiences and reflect on how challenges in relation to the following three areas are being overcome: copyright, technical formatting and learning design. The discussion aims to share practice and lessons learnt for OER producers who are converting existing materials into OERs as well as creating OERs from scratch.

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